Rejuvenation Through Breathing Pink

Rejuvenation Through Breathing Pink

BreathePinkCircle-AngelReadingsByZARAIn my last article I talked about some of the results of Breathing Pink that people have experienced. In this article I would like to share my experience of learning about the Breathe Pink Method and the impact it has had on me…

One of the things I’ve observed about people who come to me for Angel Readings and counseling is that many of them are really concerned about looking and feeling good, and that’s why I’m very pleased I’ve found something that can really help with that. So now, I’d like to share a rejuvenation secret with you–a very easy one that you can practice on your own.

How I learned about Breathing Pink:

Some time ago I happened across an amazingly simple idea which impressed me so much, I had to try it…It was the story of a woman who had an atypical spiritual experience.

The experience was that numerous times during her daily routines, right in front of her face, she spontaneously saw a large, iridescent circle of medium pink. She knew this phenomenon had meaning, but she had difficulty figuring out what that meaning was. Then, an interesting thought came to her, and at that moment, she said out loud,

This means, I’m supposed to breathe the color pink!”

Acknowledging the message, she started to breathe pink!  She did this by visualizing the color pink, and breathing pink in during the space of two ten-minute sessions, which she practiced every day.

The results were phenomenal. Over the upcoming months, without making any other changes in her routine, she she lost weight. Facial wrinkles disappeared, and her skin improved.  Also, she felt much better.

Not a bad improvement for just breathing pink!

By the way, this woman wasn’t the only one that noticed the miraculous rejuvenation occurring in her body. Everywhere she went, friends and acquaintances made comments about her increasingly youthful appearance. They asked what she was doing that made her look so good.

The results were so extraordinary, after about nine months of the daily practice of breathing light to medium pink, she became so rejuvenated in her appearance, some of her acquaintances she happened across when carrying out her daily routines didn’t even recognize her when they saw her.  It was an amazing experience for her.

I had to try it…

After I learned about this lady’s success with following such a simple idea, I immediately decided to find out if breathing pink would work as well for me as it did for her. So I did it. I began to BREATHE PINK.

BreathePink-Cloud-AngelReadingsByZARAI did this by imagining a pink cloud right under my nose, and just breathing in the pink. The tint of pink I chose was the color of strawberry ice cream and my favorite strawberry quartz crystal. I imagined I was breathing this beautiful, joy-filled pink and what I found was that breathing pink was, in fact, delicious. As soon as I started doing it, I knew that I liked it. It felt really good and made me feel much better than before.

After breathing pink daily for a couple of months, I noticed that I felt more lighthearted than I had felt since I was nine years old. Breathing pink took me directly back to a very special feeling I had inside of me when I was still a child–a feeling I thought I had forever lost! I could really feel the difference. The positive change within was unmistakable. It felt like many years worth of hurt and unhappiness fell away. And what I noticed was that after focusing on, and breathing pink for even a short amount of time, I felt more alive and youthful than I had felt in a very long time. It was wonderful.

Besides causing me to feel younger, I also received very positive comments from friends and acquaintances. Frankly, everyone was telling me how good I looked and told me I must be doing something right, because I looked better than I had looked in years. I felt great too. I knew I had stumbled across something really good and I planned to continue the process for the rest of my life.

BreathePinkClass-AngelReadingsByZARASoon after, I started to teach the students who came to my weekly metaphysical classes on how to BREATHE PINK. Together, we sat in a circle with a lamp shining a pink light-bulb in the center, and breathed pink in deeply while looking at the light. We did this this each week before the beginning of class, and in a short amount of time, many students reported positive and exciting results. They said they noticed that several of their wrinkles had disappeared, and their skin became softer and attained a healthy glow.

Besides the physical differences, many of them also reported feeling better emotionally. They said they felt less uptight and more relaxed. They noticed that little things that had bothered them before, really didn’t bother them in the way they had previously.

There were even some people who reported that their eyesight improved. An example of this was Micha, a woman in her sixties who, in visiting her optometrist, obtained proof that her vision dramatically improved. The optometrist expressed absolute shock that her vision had actually improved over the past two years rather than deteriorating as is normally expected for a woman her age. Especially since Micha is not in thirties, forties, or even 50’s, her optometrist was truly amazed. Micha’s results were this: her last optometric visit two years prior showed that the prescription for her right eye was 4.25,  the new results were that her right eye prescription had improved to only 4.00. Besides this, two years earlier, the prescription in her left eye was 4.75, and the new results showed her the prescription for her left eye as only 4.50. This indicated that her vision improved .25 in each of her eyes! She and I both believed this came from breathing pink every day with the method I taught her.  And in communing with the angels, they say they agree.  Her eyesight improved from breathing pink.

In another example of vision improvement…Betty, in her seventies, also experienced dramatic improvement. Several months earlier, she required reading glasses while reading the size of print that you normally find in books and magazines. Since regularly breathing pink, however, she can now read without the aid of reading glasses. She reports that the improvement in her vision is measurable and obvious and has helped to make her life a little easier.

Other benefits I have noticed…

I have also observed numerous signs of added youthfulness within me since starting to breathe pink. My eyes, skin, and hair have improved and even my emotions have become more hopeful  joyful and brighter. I’m feeling more energetic, getting into smaller sizes of clothing, have more energy, and feel more zestful and enthusiastic about life.

BreathePinkBenefits-AngelReadingsByZARAIf you would like to try this technique, you can contact me for a private session. As an extra benefit, breathing pink can also help you to enter a meditative state, and help you feel centered, calm and joyful. It can also aid in learning to commune with Angels and learning to channel their messages.

The benefits are amazing. After breathing pink for several months, you will be amazed about how much better you look and feel…as your friends and acquaintances will doubtlessly confirm.  And more importantly, it will help to give you more insight into the fact that people do not age in the way we have all been led to believe. In fact, it’s very easy to rejuvenate.

Here’s the formula I suggest:

Eat right – preferably an organic, vegetarian, sugar-free diet. Exercise daily by either working out at the gym, going swimming, taking walks, practicing yoga, jumping on a re-bounder for ten minutes each day, or other forms of exercise that you enjoy.  Daily practices, such as these, are important for both rejuvenating and maintaining your health.  And now that you know the incredibly easy, powerful and enjoyable rejuvenation technique I shared with you in this article, BREATHE PINK!

Love and Blessings,


***If you want to try this technique, but do not understand exactly how to proceed, be sure to Contact Me.  

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