Reconnecting With Angels

 How Reconnecting With Angels Helps Us Uncover Truth

HeavenlyAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAThe world started out very different from the way it is now. At one time in earth’s history, the energy on earth was lighter and had a much higher vibration. In fact, the difference was truly remarkable. Back then, everyone knew about and conversed with good Angels.

The Angels on high were able to be seen by and talk with people. Then, people commonly had so much love, respect and reverence for the Angels that the Angels could easily guide them without difficulty.

But eventually things changed, and the earth’s energy became heavier and denser. People became more confused and forgot much of the arcane knowledge they had before. With that change came more and more confusion about who the Angels are, and how helpful they can be in people’s lives.

Since that time, people started living in what I call a “pea soup” reality, in which people almost never saw or heard from Angels. Yet even though that pea soup reality was in place for thousands of years, miraculously, at this time, people are waking up, which has led to the fact that over the past few decades, large numbers of people have come to understand that indeed, Angels are real.

Even if they’ve never had a direct experience with an Angel themselves, people tend to believe others could have had genuine experiences with Angels, and that perhaps, such an experience could happen to them. In fact, I’ve posted several articles concerning easy ways you too, can communicate with Angels.

What does this shift mean, and where are we heading?

On the one hand, things are bad in this world and apparently getting worse – made evident from all the chaos that’s been occurring. On the other hand, despite the seeming chaos, in an important metaphysical way, the energy around the earth is actually becoming lighter. This lightness I speak of is the very reason so many people now believe in Angels.

What I’ve been describing represents a major earth shift, and with the shift that’s taking place, a great deal of discomfort is happening concurrently as well. It’s a fascinating, yet difficult transition. It’s a time when huge amounts of information that was formerly hidden is now readily available in books and on the Internet, and some of the information now accessible is truly mind blowing.

No longer are we subject to only hearing lies without ever being able to discover the truth. It’s amazing to me that answers to questions many of us have asked, but which remained unanswered can now be accessed through research. In fact, through the Internet and reading books, many answers to very old and complex problems can now be found quite easily. I’ll be writing more about this in future blog posts.

We’re entering a new age…

AgeofAquaarius2-AngelReadingsbyZARAA big part of the reason for the change I’m speaking of is that we’re now entering the Age of Aquarius. Some of the changes taking place in this Age will be good, and some changes may be quite the opposite. On both sides though, this is a very interesting time to live through.

My prediction, which I have come to through my work with Angels on high, is that we are coming to a time when old lies that had the majority of people fooled will be seen through and will therefore vanish. The dark side is very afraid of the truth and elucidation that is now coming through, and they are trying to channel the energy to fit their own interests. Yes, they are causing problems, but in the long run, they’re failing.

Undoubtedly, the side of goodness will prevail.

The good Angels are seeing to it. This is one reason that so many people are now having more and more experiences with Angels. The Angels are well aware of the awesome time we’re now entering, and they know the evil actions the dark side is engaged in, but they also know the dark side is failing and there’s nothing the dark side can do to block the truth and the good that is coming through. No matter what they do in their attempt to block the good, they will fail, and the side of goodness and Light will prevail.

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