Purpose on Earth

How to Find Purpose in Your Life on Earth

LifesPurpose-ZARAOne of the most frequent topics people who I do readings for bring up is that they want to know what their purpose is. This is one of the things Incarnated Angels, in particular, are concerned with. This is because Incarnated Angels tend to not be satisfied with merely pursuing wealth and material things. They want to feel that they are serving God and their fellow man as well.

They want to do more than pursue  wealth, but sometimes they want to combine the two – spiritual meaning and to do well financially also. They often feel they just don’t understand what to do or how to go about figuring out what or why they’re here or what they can do to find out.

Of course, asking the Angels in a reading with me is most helpful. And also, of course, the answers are individualized for each person who asks. But there are several general ideas I can share with you that I believe will help you to understand more of what purpose for Incarnated Angels is really about.

Determining your purpose…

Many Incarnated Angels are very concerned with what they’re supposed to be doing, why they’re on earth, what their mission is, and how they can most please God while here. For this reason, I decided to write this blog post, so I could offer some tips and guidelines to help. For those of you who consider yourself a child of God or an Incarnated Angel, this message is especially for you.

First, look into your life and figure out what you’re already doing that is good. This is important because many Incarnated Angels have natural habit patterns of doing good for others, but they don’t give themselves much credit for what they’re already doing.

  • IncarnatedAngelsareGoodFriends-ZARAAre you a good family member?
  • A good friend?
  • Have you been helping people?
  • Are you good to animals, pets, even plants?
  • Do you do good deeds regularly without even thinking about it?

These small things, and more, may be a significant part of your purpose, and you may already be fulfilling your purpose more than you realize.

Simple little things can be just as important as the big things.

Oftentimes incarnated Angels think they have to accomplish something big in their lifetime. Sometimes they’re right, but they may or may not know what that something is. If you are one who wants to accomplish something big in order to feel that you’re serving your purpose, you may be going about it all wrong. You may want to realize that it’s the little things that matter most, and focus on these things first, before you move on to something else.

Later, if God and your life’s path lead you into something that people generally recognize as “bigger”, such as becoming a renowned author, an orator, a leader of men, starting a school for children, or any other “great” thing you can think of, this may happen – but only when you have passed your spiritual tests that have been set out by God and your own high self to do the little things well first.

It kind of reminds me of certain sports coaches who continually stress to get the basics down first. Don’t try to jump ahead, because it just won’t work. The same goes for learning how to play musical instruments. If you want to play beautiful music at some point in your life, take the time and effort to master the scales first. That way, when it’s time to move on to greater things, you will be ready.

Are you trying to discover your own purpose in life? Contact me for an Angel Reading, and we’ll explore the possibilities together.

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