Psychics Positives vs Negatives

The Positives and Negatives of Going to Psychics

AngelReaderZARA-AngelReadingsByZARAI have observed that many of my clients have a high level of respect for the help they have received from Psychics. Those are the ones who have had good experiences from having done so. There are those, however, who have had bad experiences. Sometimes they tell me they have tried several Psychics in the past who ultimately were not able to help them sufficiently, so they wanted to come to me to get the help they really need.

Once in awhile, people who come to me for readings tell me that whatever they were told by other Psychics was completely off. From my perspective, incorrect readings from other Psychics is due either to

  • The Reader not being very capable, (not much psychic ability)
  • The other Psychic does not understand the importance of clearing out negative entities in order to make sure that discarnates, separates, demonics, and satanics do not interfere with the context of information coming through.
    • When they don’t clear out negative entities, incorrect information can easily come through.

When I do Readings…

AngelReadingPrayer2-ZARAI always start by saying a prayer asking God and the good Angels to be present, and I always clear out all negative entities. These are important steps I take to help get correct answers and right-on information for my clients. Truthfully, I also have been given an extreme gift. I thank God for that.

One woman, named Lea, whom I had not known previously, called me in tears because a Reading she had just had with a Psychic had been very disturbing. After I reassured her that I could do better, Lea booked my first available appointment. The Psychic had told her some very disturbing things that I found were not only upsetting, but were also totally inaccurate. Since the Psychic did not do any type of clearing, or help her with any resolutions, Lea had simply been left with worry and fear. She was beside herself with angst!

Lea was in shock and really needed help, so when we worked together, she was very appreciative. When I did the reading, I started with my usual prayer, and cleared out any and all negative entities.

Afterwards, Lea stated that she loved the Reading I gave her very much. We were able to successfully handle numerous issues she was concerned about, and by the time her session was done, Lea felt totally relieved and happy. It was a good Reading and a wonderful experience for Lea.

Over the years, as I have been doing Psychic Readings, it has been commonplace for people to tell me about their previous experiences with other Psychics that they visited in the past. One comment I’ve heard repeatedly is they feel they get more help from working with Psychics than they get from working with other mental health practitioners. This was astonishing to me when I first heard it, but at this point, I’ve heard it so many times, I’m no longer surprised.

PsychicReadings-AngelReadinsByZARASometimes people tell me they had a Psychic or an Angel Reader they used to go to that they have lost track of and  now they want someone else who can help them in the same way. They say they really liked their previous Reader, who is no longer available, and are now looking for a replacement. Fortunately, they find I can fit the bill, and then they become regular clients. It’s a win-win situation!

There are good Psychics…

As I indicated earlier in this article, some of the Psychics out there do good work, and there are times when I’m able to confirm that the information they gave the person was correct. Clients are sometimes amazed when I do this because they might think all Psychics are in competition with each other. In truth, I like knowing there are good Psychics out there. That fact helps increase respect for my profession, and I’m really glad there are other Psychics who legitimately do good work.

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