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The Miracle of My First Day as a Psychic Angel Reader

AngelReadingAppointment-ZARAThis article is a continuation of my miraculous first day as an Angel Reader…

It started out that I had 3 appointments scheduled, but none of the three showed up. Obviously, I was thrilled later in the day when my first appointment knocked on my door, but this is just the beginning of the miracle…

The next thing that happened added to the miracle because the second person arrived at just the right time, as if on queue. Just as we finished the reading, Amy knocked on my door.

“Yes?”  I answered.  Then Amy opened the door and told me that the second person who’d previously been scheduled to arrive at 12, just after Jane’s original appointment would normally have ended, had arrived.

Help from the Angels

This serendipity happened without any phone calls or promptings.  No one had made this happen.  It happened this way all on its own, with the Angels’ help.  The timing was impeccable!

The second person asked if I could still do a reading for her, though she was late.   My response was, “Certainly!”  The timing was perfect for me, so then Alice, (a pseudonym), came in.  She showed up at 3 pm, just after Jane, the person she was supposed to be behind  in chronological order in the first place!  To me, the timing felt miraculous and caused me to feel supported and loved by the angels.

Then Alice shared almost exactly the same story that Jane had shared an hour before.  She also had been excited about her upcoming Angel Reading, had looked forward to it for weeks, yet on the day of the reading, at first she spaced it out.  Then she suddenly remembered, and, afraid that she’d missed her chance, but determined to find out… drove to see me.  She came just at the right time—right after Jane’s session was over.

During the Angel Reading,  Alice was moved.  Learning things about herself she’d never fully understood before, and discovering new ideas to increase love, spirituality and happiness, she was joyful.  As we completed the session, Amy knocked on the door, and believe it or not, she reported that the person originally scheduled to arrive at 1 pm, who should have been after Alice in the first place, had now conveniently arrived at 4 pm, just after Alice, again, with no promptings.  No one had called to remind her.  She just came.  Perfect timing!!!

My Angel Readings are blessed

AngelMiracles-ZARAHow could this be? Nobody had made phone calls or prompted any of these people in any way, and yet it was all so perfect. They all showed up exactly when the Angels wanted them to show up—all in order, and all in Divine Timing, and all causing me to realize more and more that my work is right on and is definitely blessed by angels.

Then, when this person I’ll call Lisa, described the same situation as a reason for being late that I’d heard from both Jane and Alice before her, I was stunned.  Yes, she told a very similar story!   She had been looking forward to the reading from the moment she heard about me.  She knew from the first time she read my write-up that seeing me was important to her. Like the others, he had been thinking about her upcoming session every single day.  Yet on the day that her scheduled session had finally arrived,  she completely spaced it out.  In talking to me, she showed a completely respectful attitude, was truly humble, and wanted to know if I could still do the Angel Reading, and if not, she’d understand, but she’d be very disappointed. This was the same exact story both Jane and Alice had told me.  Clearly, this was not a coincidence.

Of course, to me, the most important aspect of the day was that all three ladies, Jane, Alice and Lisa were completely satisfied with the Angel Readings I facilitated for them, and each stated that the messages and clearing from the Angels were accurate, very moving, and changed their lives for the better.

Then I consulted the Angels for the meaning behind all the synchronicities that happened that day. All three ladies came late, and yet all came, (one at a time), in the same order originally scheduled, without a gap between. All three ladies had a wonderful experience, and truly loved their Angel Readings.

They all shared nearly the exact same story about their excitement, the fact that they’d been thinking about it all the time until that day, and then, upon realizing they were late, made a bee-line to me to see if they could still get in.

When I consulted the Angels about the meaning of the series of events that happened that day, and what was miraculous about it, they told me it was their way of showing me that they, the Angels, are truly blessing my work—and that they, the Angels, want me to continue.

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