Negative Entities Called Separates

What Are the Negative Entitites Called Separates?

NegativeEntity-AngelReadingsByZARAThe way I begin each Angel Reading is by clearing out negative entities, the first of which are Discarnates, and the second of which are what I call Separates. In my last blog post, I explained that Discarnate refers to the souls of those who have died, but who failed to go into Light when they got the chance after passing from the body.

So what are Separates?

The beings that I call Separates are those who at the time of leaving the body at death, started to go into the Light, but then became afraid and turned around.

Since the soul has only 72 hours to enter the light, and Separates did not choose to do so, they unfortunately may become, at least temporarily, stuck in the earth’s atmosphere – similar to the Discarnates. The distinction between the two is that the Discarnates did not go into the Light at all, while the Separates at least began that journey, though they did not complete it.

Because the Separates went into the Light at least a short way, they know more than the Discarnates do. They’ve had more “experience”. However, as is often said, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This saying is particularly exemplified by the Separates. While it is true that the Separates have had more experience, and therefore know a little more than the Discarnates, the fact remains they still lack wisdom and understanding, and cannot be good Guides.

False Guides

One of the problems the Separates bring when they’re inside a person’s aura is that they, like the Discarnates, create confusion. Because they know a little bit more than those who’ve never entered the Light, they imagine that they are wise enough to act as Guides for people, though clearly, they’re not qualified.

FalseGuide-AngelReadingsByZARAUnfortunately, many psychics get fooled by them, (some are not very good “psychics”); and whether they’re conscious of it or not, they may allow these Separates, (false Guides), to mislead them.

This is reminiscent of people who are fooled into allowing an unqualified person to influence their decisions. We’ve all known such people who became friends with someone who was a bad influence, and who subsequently walked into trouble. As I’m indicating now, this kind of thing happens within the subtle world as well.

This is why it’s extremely important to extract Separates out of one’s aura and presence. It is because these beings, if allowed to stay, will try to mislead a person into their way of thinking, and their way of thinking will cause problems in that person’s life. People don’t need their influence. Their influence is bad.

When the Angels of Goodness and I clear these beings out of a person’s aura, and out of possessing them, we clear them into the Light, which brings about a win-win scenario. These souls, (the Separates), then enter the Light to get help from the Angels so they are then able to develop the humility which will help them see through their past mistakes, and go on from there.

In an Angel Reading with me, after the Separates are cleared out of your aura, you will feel better, and your thinking will be easier and clearer. Sometimes headaches, stomach aches and joint pain will disappear. This, of course, is only the case when the cause of those difficulties was the presence of the Separates.

For my next blog entry, I will talk about the next category of negative entities that the Angels and I clear from people at the beginning of the Angel Readings that I do.

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