Negative Entities Called Satanics

What Are Satanics and Why Do I Clear Them At the Beginning of My Angel Readings?

ClearingSatanics-AngelReadingsByZARAAs I have stated before, I begin each and every Angel Reading with a prayer, and then, immediately after, the Angels and I clear out various negative entities so that the Reading goes smoothly, and the negative entities cannot interfere with either the Reading or with the client’s feelings and emotions. Doing this clearing is a necessary step that allows the Reading to come through correctly and without interference.

Doing this initial clearing at the beginning of my Readings is one of the many factors that set my Readings apart from the psychic readings of many others, because most readers do not do that.  They apparently don’t even think of doing things in that way. Instead, they typically start by calling on whatever entities they are working with, laying out the cards, and then beginning their readings. I observed what they were doing early on, and realized that it is vitally important to get rid of the tricksters and the pranksters before the reading begins, so the clients and I can always get our answers from God and the Good Angels, and not from any other beings that just happen to be around.

What are satanics?

Satanics-AngelReadingsByZARAIn a recent blog post,  I talked about demonics—what they are and why the Good Angels and I remove them at the beginning of each and every Angel Reading I do. The term “satanics”, (the subject of today’s blog post), as I use the term, refers to groups of demonics with dark agendas.

The main difference between demonics and satanics, is that while both are on the side of evil, and are non-corporeal, (not in the body), demonics are like lone wolves that go it alone with evil, flagitious behavior (attacks on people), but satanics typically operate in groups of invisible thugs who perform whatever pernicious acts of evil against humans they think they can get away with.

The reason the Angels and I clear them out is because:

  1. Their presence could interfere with the reading, so we clear them out right after the opening prayer

  2. They’re on the side of evil, so of course, we don’t want them around

  3. Getting rid of satanics helps the client feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally

  4. Clearing out the satanics help the clients’ minds work more easily, which is often a major relief for the client

  5. Clearing them out helps the clients’ lives go better and more smoothly

I start out each Angel Reading by invoking God and the Angels of Goodness, and clearing negative entities out so the Readings are clear, accurate and truly helpful. It is very important to me that the clients that come to me get value from their Readings. I want them to get the answers and information they are looking for, and I want to do my part to help their lives run smoother, (due to the information and answers they receive, as well as from the clearing of negative programs that we do intermittently throughout the Readings).

The good that comes from my readings…

AngelsOnOurPath-AngelReadingsByZARAOne of the main reasons that I feel good about the work I do is because of the vast amount of positive feedback I receive for both the accuracy of the information that comes through the Angel Readings, as well as from the efficacy of the energy clearings.

I routinely inform people that the energy clearing the Angels and I do is not “magic”. Just doing the clearings does not guarantee that whatever we’re clearing for will totally work, but doing the clearings definitely helps things go better than they would have otherwise. The energy clearings do not absolutely force the issue we’re working on, but instead, they dramatically increase the chances of the clients’ wants, needs and desires to be realized in this life.

Good feedback is the reason I continue this work.  When checking with people, even years later, they tell me, and I can see that, due to the messages and direction they receive from the Angels in the Angel Readings, their lives go much better than they otherwise would have.  This becomes especially obvious to me when, for instance, I can see that a client’s life was headed in a trajectory of disappointment. But due to the energy clearings and the messages they received from the Angels in our Readings, their lives become happier, easier and more tenable.

Again, I begin each Angel Reading with a prayer, then the Angels and I clear out the negative entities, including satanics, and then we proceed from there.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngAn Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness.

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