Negative Entities Called Demonics

Why It’s Important to Clear Negative Entitites Called Demonics

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In a couple of my most recent blog posts, I talked about two types of negative entities that I clear out in the beginning of each and every Angel Reading I do… Discarnates and Separates.  In this blog post, I will write about yet another type of negative entity that I clear out as well.

In order to be certain that the Angel Readings I do are coming through only from the highest and the best, (rather than from negative, impostor entities such as any that either serve the darkside, or are not 100% on the side of God), I always start my Angel Readings…first, with a prayer to God and the Angels of Light, (the good Angels who serve God), and second, I with clear out negative entities.

When I wrote about clearing out discarnates and separates, I described the meanings of those terms, and why it’s important to clear them away. Today I will talk about another category of negative entities that I also clear out at the beginning of my Angel Readings.

They are known as Demonics…

They are exactly what they sound like: demons.

Demons are beings that are on the side of darkness, and are the enemies of humankind. Demonics are malicious, non-corporeal, (not in the body), beings who try to get into everyone’s auras, and gain posession of them. They then pose as guides or as people’s “thoughts”, and try to get people to think and do negative things specifically designed to cause harm – both to the individual being attacked, as well as others in the attacked victims’ life.

As I referenced earlier, demonics are invisible. You don’t see them, so if they’re in your aura, or in the business or establishment you innocently walk into, expecting no harm, the demonics can be there without your knowing. At that point, if you have any vulnerablility whatsoever, (e.g. fatigue, illness, anxiety, etc.), they can get into your aura, and begin to cause problems. The problems they create can include sudden anger, impatience, hatefulness, intransigence, unforgiveness, excessive pride, depression, heightened anxiety, and any number of other negative attitudes and behaviors that can cause the individual to put aside the more positive sides of their nature, and become unreasonable.

Everyone has demonics in their auras sometimes. This is because, as I said in the paragraph above, when you travel to different places, demonics may be invisibly lurking, so obviously, if you can’t see them, you do not realize they are there. If you’re sensitive and intuitive, you may feel them enter either your aura, or get posession of you. When this happens, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as possible. This is because otherwise, the demonics can cause you to have negative thoughts that can influence you to see things in the worst possible ways rather than through the positive filters of love, tolerance, understanding.

It’s important to remember that the dark side likes division…

Therefore, darkside entities do not want us to understand, have compassion for, and love each other. Instead, they want us to get angry, stay angry, hate each other, and, at the very least, use words as swords. They want us to cut each other through mean language, to directly attack our fellow beings, and/or to use words destructively in the form of malicious gossip. The darkside especially likes physical attacks against others, but, except for this brief mention, I’m not going to expound about that aspect in this article.

DarksideAnger-AngelReadingsByZARABecause the dark side likes division, the demonics, (Satan’s little helpers), do whatever they can do to get into people’s auras, and to possess them. Once this is accomplished, they then attempt to influence their victims to be mean, angry and divisive. When the demonics successfully accomplish this, they consider it a “win”, because they love to see us acting the way they want us to act – brainwashed, intolerant, divisive and mean.

As I said earlier, when you have demonics that have jumped into your aura, it is important that you get them out as soon as possible.  This is why I start with in clearing negative entities at the beginning of my Angel Readings.

Now it’s important to say- just because you have demonics that have managed to get inside your aura, this does not necessarily make you act mean or divisive. With a strong, clear mind, to a large degree, you can resist that. But what it does mean is that the dark beings are attempting to wreak havoc in your mind and heart, and they can cause your thinking patterns to go into a negative direction very quickly, so you definitely want to get rid of them right away!

Where do Demonics go after a clearing?

ArchangelMichaelFightsDarkSide-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen the Angels and I clear out demonics, I ask Archangel Michael to take them “wherever they need to be taken”.  I do not presume to know where Archangel Michael and God choose to take them, and I definitely do not tell Archangel Michael what to do. By asking him to make the decision to choose where the demonics are to be sent, I am demonstrating faith in Archangel Michael’s wisdom to do the right thing, and to take the demonics to whatever place will be best for all concerned. Whether the demonics are taken to purgatory, or a level of Hell, or wherever is the right place for them is the perogotive of Archangel Michael. He is an extremely wise and powerful Archangel of God, and he knows what to do. I trust him

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