Myths About Incarnated Angels

Dispelling Myths About Incarnated Angels

IncarnatedAngelMyths-AngeReadingsbyZARASince I first brought in the concept of Incarnated Angels, that thought has become widespread as various individuals in the metaphysical community took it as their own and popularized the notion in ways I don’t agree with, such as claiming that incarnated angels always have blond hair, blue eyes and a heart-shaped face, which I see as not only false, but racist. The world has already been exposed to the mindset that blond haired, blue eyed people are superior, and that is the opposite of the truth, that through me, Archangel Michael is teaching.  Other narrow add-ons like saying that incarnated angels always have eating disorders is untrue and misleading. Saying such things fundamentally misses the point about who the incarnated angels really are and the purpose for their being here.

The appearance of Incarnated Angels

InformationForIncarnatedAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAActually, Incarnated Angels come in both sexes and live on all continents. They can be any race, any height, and their interests are varied. They may not know who they are because the energies here on the earth are very dense, and upon being born they fall into a state of forgetfulness. They do, however, often have inklings of their true identity as angels, and, in many ways, do not feel like they belong here. That’s the reason Archangel Michael allowed me to know that good angels can incarnate as humans, and told me to tell certain people, (within Angel Readings), who they actually are.

Do Incarnated Angels belong on earth?

The reason Incarnated Angels don’t feel like they belong here is because they are from a heavenly abode and earth is very different from their natural environment. But that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here. As a matter of fact, the angels living on earth seriously do belong here.  They belong here because this is the place they volunteered to be, and they are needed…and yes, the need is very great.

There is a need for Incarnated Angels to be here and the angel work they do quite naturally such as being kind to strangers, bringing encouragement to people who are feeling sad, showing others by example how everyone should behave, (e.g., doing volunteer work, standing up for the oppressed, exemplifying integrity, courage and steadfastness), is very important.  Without their beneficial presence and the guidance they offer for people in their midst, the earth might be completely lost.

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