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How You Can Prepare To Live In The 5th Dimension

3rdDimension-AngelReadingsByZARAAll of our lives, until recently, most of humanity has been living through a 3-D reality of actually believing in the input received through the five senses. In 2020, things changed, and since that time, the whole world has gone nuts.

What’s been happening is that around March of 2020, humanity as a whole has been entering the very uncomfortable reality of 4-D. The D stands for dimension.

3-D was comfortable for most people because they were used to it, but it never encompassed the full truth. In fact, it stood as a coverup for lies.

3-D was always about the senses. That kind of very limited outlook held that whatever you could see, touch and measure was the truth, and outside of that, everything else was either conjecture or phony. Our view was very limited.

But now, since the earth itself is rapidly evolving into a higher dimension, the whole of humanity is being forced to make huge changes within itself and recognize that the 5 senses only show part of the truth, and beyond that, there is much, much, more truth to discover.

The goal is not 4-D, because 4-D is crazy and unstable. The goal, for now, is 5-D. In other words, yes, we’re heading into the 5th dimension. Yet at this moment in time, as a whole, we’re now obviously in the transitional reality of 4-D.  but soon we’ll be entering 5-D.

So what is the 4th Dimension like?

4thDimension-.AngelReadingsByZARAIn the 4th dimension we’re now in the middle of…nothing makes sense. Up is down. Down is up. It’s very much like walking into the story of Alice in Wonderland in which practically all of the inhabitants are making utterly illogical statements, easily proven false, and presenting them as facts.

Being in 4-D is like endlessly being forced to attend the mad hatter’s tea party in which everything that’s happening is completely absurd, yet nobody notices. Then you, as the casual observer, sane person, look around and are dumbfounded by the stupidity of everyone around you, and wonder what the heck is going on! Can this be real? Can people so rapidly lose their minds and forget logic and reason completely? Living through the 4th dimension is like living through madness.

How to enter the 5th dimension…

Unfortunately, we have to go through 4-D to get to 5-D. But fortunately, we’ll get into 5-D soon, for those who are willing to enter.

The Angels have told me that while the 4th dimension is unstable, it’s also rife with opportunities. In the structureless 4th dimension, you can lose your mind when everything seems so crazy, but if you can get through this with faith, grounding and love, (in other words, with high vibrations), you can make it into the 5th dimension along with the earth, and everyone else who chooses those vibrations and that higher reality.

5thDimension-AngelReadingsByZARA5-D is glorious, and soon many of us be living in 5-D, which actually will be like living in a golden age. But before we get there, we still need to get through the 4-D.

How can you successfully get through the 4th dimension into the very wonderful 5-D that stands before us?

  • Keep your vibrations high!
  • While things are crazy in the world at the moment, have faith that God is in control, and Good will ultimately win.
  • Look for the positive side of the things that seem negative in your personal life. Remember that what we’re going through now is temporary, and things will surely get better.
  • Create positivity in your life by focusing on the positive. Even if things get really bad for awhile, do not despair.
  • Recognize that your thoughts have power, and the world is now so malleable that your thoughts will actually help to create the positive life that much of humanity is heading into.
  • Keep your mind steady on the truth.
  • While others around you may be buying into nonsense, don’t let yourself get confused by joining them in their madness. Rather, just hold the line and have faith in your common sense, intelligence and intuition.
    • Remember, you don’t need to join people who are devoid of common sense and reasoning. Those people will probably be choosing the lower reality which will prevent them from getting into 5-D. There’s still time for those people to get out of the brainwashing and think for themselves, but they need to do it themselves. You can’t do it for them.
    • Meanwhile, you can try to tell them, you can pray for them, and you can show them by example, but you can’t do it for them.
  • Accept the good that comes your way. Feel gratitude and give thanks.

Yes, we’re now going through a whitewater rough passage, but keep in mind that soon,  we will  be entering info a bonafide Golden Age. Hold the line. It’s going to be glorious!

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