Introduction of Incarnated Angels

Each Incarnated Angel Has Been Introduced to Earth For a Very Special Purpose

Incarnated Angels are here for a very special purpose. They are here to help and guide humanity to love God, love one another and practice kindness in all that they do. This, of course, is very similar to the function of non-incarnated angels, but because masses of people have lost touch with their High Self and intuition, most people are oblivious to the presence and guidance of angels and do not hear them. For this reason, there has been a need for some of the angels to come in as humans so that people could actually see and hear them, and in this way, people could receive their influence.

My original article, “Victory of the Angels”, originally published in 1998 in The Higher Sourcelater in The Spiral JourneyVoice of ChoicesWomen Network, and in my own publication of the same name, Victory of the Angels as well as in several places on the Internetrevealed the fact that angels can incarnate as humans, “Incarnated Angels”, otherwise known as “Earth Angels”.  Before then, no one had publicly stated the possibility of good angels being incarnated on the earth as humans.

 I felt a bit trepidatious about publicly revealing that angels can incarnate as humans.

Concerned about people’s reactions, I recognized that whenever a major new idea is introduced, some get upset as they feel this new information can shake their world. Fortunately, people have told me they were moved to tears as they recognized themselves as Incarnated Angels and were grateful for the information and acknowledgment. The letters and phone calls I received were highly supportive.

Of course, there was always the possibility that someone may paraphrase my message and claim it as their own.

When I first learned there are angels incarnate as humans, I was not given a label as to what to call them. But soon, in preparing for a seminar I offered about Earth Changes, I communed with my source, Archangel Michael, and he suggested I call them Incarnated Angels. Since that was just a suggestion, not a command, I could just as well have called them Earth Angels. Either way, both terminologies refer to the same thing:  Some angels, for very specific purposes, can and do incarnate as humans.

My account was of a sacred event that happened in 1996, when I realized that the sweet, yet unimpressive person sitting across from me in an Angel Reading session I was doing at the time, was actually an Incarnated Angel, and this was the first time I understood that such a phenomenon existed.  I was able to tell this lady who she was.  Soon after, Archangel Michael let me know that I am his channel and the one and only Angel Advocate, which means – I’m here to work with Incarnated Angels, Earth Angels, and other people and be an advocate for them within scheduled Angel Readings for a reasonable fee.

The comments of Suzanne, editor of The Higher Source, who was the first to publish “Victory of the Angels” is a case in point. In an email from her, she told me how brave I was to lay the groundwork of this revelation and she expected it to make quite an impact.  Mentioning the fact that she read and reread the article many times, she said it brought her to tears because she recognized she was one of the incarnated angels.

That was the beginning…

Since that time, metaphysically oriented individuals have heard the concept from each other, and the message has been altered.

The article, “Victory of the Angels” created a big response from people in the form of phone calls, and emails.  In addition, the editor of The Spiral Journey told me she wasn’t used to getting many phone calls from her readership about articles she included in her publication, but with “Victory of the Angels”, she received numerous calls from people wanting to share their excitement about the concept of Incarnated Angels and they wanted to thank her for including my article.

RealizePurpose-AngelReadingsbyZARAMost of the people who contacted me wanted to schedule an Angel Reading as soon as possible.  One woman named Anna, (a pseudonym), told me that when she read my article, she wept. Anna recognized herself as an Incarnated Angel, and the fact that my article acknowledged the reality of some angels incarnating as humans hit home. Immediately, she called a friend of hers whom she also recognized as an Incarnated Angel and read “Victory of the Angels” aloud to her.  She must have been right about her friend being an Incarnated Angel, because when she read it to her friend, she cried too!

Since then, I’ve written numerous articles on the topic of Incarnated Angels. The articles I write are my gift to help Incarnated Angels and other people find hope and guidance. (They can be found on this blog)  Besides working with Incarnated Angels, I also enjoy working with what I call, “Angelic Humans”, people whose origin was human, but who love God and the angels and have learned from them and emulate their behavior.

In my next article I will introduce you to a very special Incarnated Angel…


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