Incarnated Angels vs the Dark Side

The Battle Between Incarnated Angels vs. The Dark Side Is Real

EarthsBeginning-AngelReadingsByZARAOver the last many centuries, Incarnated Angels have come to earth, through the normal process of birth, for the express purpose of being a positive influence on humanity. While Incarnated Angels are indeed human, they actually have a different origin from regular people. Most people were created as humans from their beginning, but those who are Incarnated Angels were created as Angels first, then they incarnated as humans.

Before the battle began…

The earth began as a beautiful place, where there was no strife. Then, after the Dark Side targeted the earth and quickly wreaked havoc, conditions on earth rapidly deteriorated, and extra Heavenly help was needed. Because of this, there was a special dispensation from Heaven stating that some Angels were needed to incarnate as humans so people could actually see and hear them.  Angels were never then, and are not now, forced to incarnate as humans. The Angels that did come to earth as humans were, and are still today, volunteers.

This phenomenon, of course, is in addition to the Angels’ on High influence on humanity. Yes, the Angels on High are still there, and are wonderful. However, since most people cannot normally see and hear the Angels on High, Angels incarnating as humans became imperative. So, thousands of years ago, Incarnated Angels started to arrive through the normal process of birth.

How do Incarnated Angels have influence?

Unlike Heavenly Angels, Incarnated Angels can be seen and heard by everyone, which allows them, when they happen to get into the public realm, they can do a great deal of good. This is the reason that if you are an Incarnated Angel, and many of you are, it is important to figure out what you can do to understand the truth about things and help, and why it’s important to research the true history of humanity, set out personal goals to get involved, and become active in doing your part to teach and aid humanity.

GoodAngelsIncarnate-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen good Angels began to incarnate on earth as humans, they were not always well-received. This was partially because, in several ways, they’re a bit different from other people, and unfortunately, humans don’t always accept those who are different.

This sheds some light on one of the main problems with humanity…Humans don’t always see things accurately, and can be short-sighted and unappreciative. Regardless of these negative characteristics common to humans, God and the good Angels love them. They see the good in people, and they work to help bring that goodness out. So even if it’s difficult, and sometimes thankless, to help people, it’s still important for us to do so.

As Incarnated Angels do their best to inspire people and bring out their goodness, serving God is their purpose.  They realize that God loves humans, and that He/She wants humans to be positive, appreciative, kind, spiritual and good.  He/She also wants humans to live in peace and have plenty of food, water, shelter, and have all of their basic needs met.

What is the purpose of the Dark Side?

DarkSidePurpose-AngelReadingsByZARAAnother reason that Incarnated Angels have a hard time on this planet is because there are Powers and Principalities on the Dark Side that are radically against all that is good – particularly the Incarnated Angels.  This is because the Dark Side is against humanity. Since just one Incarnated Angel can do incredible good by helping and positively influencing many people, the Dark Side would like them gone.

Here’s how it works:

Incarnated Angels care about people and do their best to counsel, teach and help people to be happy. They love God. They care about people. They are typically above-board, kind, concerned, helpful and caring.

Dark Side Beings despise people and actively try to cause them harm and unhappiness. Some Dark Side Beings are in human form. Some reside in the fourth dimension…They are against humanity, and they attack humans in clever ways.

In other words, the aims of good Incarnated Angels, and the Dark-Side are in total opposition. Since the Dark Side is against all goodness, and despise the Incarnated Angels’ innate goodness, they design plans to cause Incarnated Angels great harm.

The Dark Side has a plan..

The Dark Side often uses what appears to be personal attacks. When these attacks happen, Incarnated Angels, (who are often very sensitive), feel hurt, sad, and sometimes extremely depressed. They then wonder why all these terrible things are happening to them, and wonder if this means that they have really bad karma that they don’t know about.

In fact, the attacks are not because of their karma. Rather, they are calculated attacks designed to cause physical and emotional harm in order to get the Incarnated Angels to give up and not fight for humanity.

Incarnated Angels usually take attacks against them very personally, because the attacks are designed to appear personal, though they are not nearly as personal as they seem. The attacks have a greater purpose, they are part of a large-scale plan to try to demoralize Incarnated Angels for the purpose of stopping them from helping humankind.

DarkSideCreatesHopelessness-AngelReadingsByZARAThe attacks I mentioned are designed to appear personal in order to cause Incarnated Angels to feel distraught, forlorn, depressed, and hopeless. The Dark Side thinks that if they can get the Incarnated Angels depressed enough, the Incarnated Angels will feel sad and depressed, become reclusive, stop helping people, and fade into the background.

In fact, the attacks waged against Incarnated Angels are part of a large-scale Dark Side plot to get the Incarnated Angels to stop helping humanity. If they should succeed with this dark plot, the Dark Side imagines they would be able to wage unlimited attacks against humanity without opposition. But Incarnated Angels are here, and we are opposing them, and good will prevail!

I, myself, am an Incarnated Angel, and I’ve been assisting Incarnated Angels and other people to be happier and understand things in their lives more clearly for over twenty years.

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