Incarnated Angels Needed

Why Do We Need Incarnated Angels?

This is a message not only for humans, but also for Incarnated Angels…


In a poem called “Lines Written In Early Spring” by William Wordsworth, who was himself an Incarnated Angel, he writes:

To her fair works did nature link the human soul that through me ran, and much it grieved my heart to think what man has made of man.”

These words epitomize the problem Incarnated Angels face while living in the world as it is. Incarnated Angels are not only idealistic, but also sensitive, and it’s emotionally tough for them to even know about the horrors and injustices that happen here on earth on a regular basis, let alone set to the task of trying to change things.

Yet Incarnated Angels feel it’s their job to change the world and make it a better place, so they try. Yet even when they do so, it often doesn’t work, which, in itself is frustrating, and can cause perplexity and disillusionment in the Incarnated Angel.

After years of trying to fix things by spreading good news, and attempting to inform others of Truths, Incarnated Angels think people should know, while running against roadblocks and the clueless-many who don’t understand, Incarnated Angels can become saddened and depressed.

Incarnating-AngelReadingsByZARABut if life is so difficult, and the ways of this world so foreign to Incarnated Angels, why do they incarnate here in the first place, and why should they stay?

Incarnated Angels come and stay because it’s necessary.

In this life, it can be extremely difficult, and at times look bleak, but between lives, they get a different perspective. They see that the earth is by-in-large being run by the dark side, and that humans are unaware how true this is. The Incarnated Angels then realize that in order to serve God, and not let the dark side win, they need to incarnate in order to inform others, and influence the direction of humankind.

Incarnated Angels’ presence is required in order to point less than obvious Dark side manipulations out to people, and to help those same people discover solutions. That is what the Incarnated Angels try to do, but it certainly is not easy.

Truthfully, Incarnated Angels typically have a whole list of general complaints:

  1. They don’t like the way people are treated by other people.

  2. They don’t like the way people treat animals.

  3. They don’t like the fact that the earth itself is being disrespected and even demolished by other people.

  4. They don’t like the fact that there is disease here on earth.

  5. They don’t like that there is war.

  6. They don’t like the fact that there is death.

  7. They don’t like the fact that tragedy can happen in anyone’s life, at any time, without warning, and that life is so unpredictable.

  8. NoTruth-AngelReadingsByZARAThey don’t like the fact that hardly anyone here on earth actually cares about the Truth about just about anything.

  9. They don’t like that life here on earth is such a struggle, and that we constantly need to rely on having or obtaining outer things such as shelter and food.

Nevertheless, with all that having been said, the influence of the Incarnated Angels is very important for the world to even have a chance to make it through the extremely tough period that the earth is now experiencing.

There is a Cosmic War going on..

A Cosmic War that has been going on for thousands of years, and is now reaching a crescendo.

The war I speak of was started by the dark side with the goal of eventually turning all of humankind into slaves. In order for their sinister plot not to be fulfilled, and for good to prevail, at least a percentage of the earth’s  population needs to be aware, and it usually is up to the Incarnated Angels to influence as many people as they can to understand what’s going on, and with that knowledge, to therefore decide not to cooperate with the dark side shenanigans.

In short, life here is hard, and is a hard cry more difficult than life is in the heavenly realms, where everything is perfect. Nevertheless, Incarnated Angels need to be here to both learn and discover hidden truths, and then to use that knowledge to guide and direct others.

Incarnated Angels are here to help bring in more goodness, and to always support God in helping humanity to become more like God intended the human race to be in the first place.

That is our mission.

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