Incarnated Angels Messengers of God

True Incarnated Angels Are Messengers of God

TrueIncarnatedAngel-AngelsReadingsByZARAI am an Angel Reader and receive guidance from Archangel Michael. Through him in 1996, I originated the concept of Incarnated Angels.  

Since Archangel Michael first told me that angels can incarnate as humans, and revealed that certain clients who come to see me are Incarnated Angels, I felt that how I disclosed the information about Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels, was a big responsibility, and to honor the truth, I proceeded with care. I knew the idea could be misconstrued, because knowing the frailties of human nature, I was concerned about several things…principally that some would use the idea to fluff and inflate their egos, and I wanted to do my best to avoid that. 

Are Incarnated Angels more important than other humans?

Among my concerns was, if the concept became widely known, some might incorrectly think they were better than other people. Angels, incarnate or not, are no better than humans. They just have a different role and it’s important to understand that. My job is to help the Incarnated Angels know who they are, understand why they are here, and understand their purpose. In that way, during scheduled, nominally priced Angel Readings, I fulfill my role as their angel advocate.

My concerns have caused me to be conscientious so I could gently help Incarnated Angels understand their purpose, which is always to serve God and be a guide and inspiration to humans, as well as a support to other Incarnated Angels. Then, when Incarnated Angels continue to work with me in ongoing sessions, I’m able to guide them as to how their purpose can be accomplished. I help them distinguish what they’re already doing right, and what adjustments are necessary to effectively achieve their purpose of serving God and humanity.

I knew it was important to make the concept of Incarnated Angels a little “incognito”, but not quite. In other words, I wanted a balance. To find the balance of incognito versus well-known, I published numerous articles on the topic which I felt would attract Incarnated Angels, which would probably not be as attractive to others who are not Incarnated Angels.

As I was told by Archangel Michael, I wanted the Incarnated Angels to be able to find me so I could guide and direct them in my Angel Readings which, from the very beginning, they have. For several years, I was the only person letting people know if they were Incarnated Angels, and even with limited advertising which did not mention anything about “Incarnated Angels” in the text, they found me and some travelled far from other states to visit me in person, since, at that time, all of my readings were in person only.  Now, I’m happy to say that people can work with me from the comfort of their own homes, since these days, my Angel Readings are not only in person, but also over the phone and through Skype.

The role of an Incarnated Angel is sacred…

Also, during Angel Readings, I’ve always told the people for whom the message of being an Incarnated Angel, Earth Angel was appropriately given, that I recommended they keep it to themselves as sacred and not tell anybody.  In my public talks, I emphasized the true meaning and purpose of Incarnated Angels, guiding those present to do their best to live in integrity while loving God, humanity, and themselves, and I gave them tips about living their lives in balanced love and service.

IncarnatedAngelWings-AngelReadingsbyZARAI do my best to prevent the concept of Incarnated Angels from being twisted into an unrealistic idea. For example, Incarnated Angels are not here to be elite, as if they are better than others, and I take care not to support this attitude, but instead, I promote selflessness, truth and devotion to angelic purpose.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because some people have told me they think they are Archangel Michael. Some think they are other archangels as well, and when they share this with me, I can see they believe what they are saying, yet, what they don’t realize is that many others think the same thing about themselves.  This makes me very sad, because I know Archangel Michael is not in the earthly form, and I’m sad that some people are so confused.

In my a future article I’ll talk more about The True Identity of an Incarnated Angel.

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