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How Can Incarnated Angels Find Their Best Life Path?

LifePath-AngelReadingsByZARAQuestion from client:

“What I’ve personally noticed is that, like me, the other incarnated Angels I’ve spoken with don’t seem to have a particular interest in achieving goals related to worldly jobs, but rather I feel we are more left brained people. Due to this we often tend to feel useless or pointless.

How would an Incarnated Angel tackle such issues, and how would one figure out what he/she wanted to accomplish before they incarnated to earth? How can they find their life path, and what their life is about?”


It is very true that many Incarnated Angels have a hard time figuring out what to set their sights on regarding what to do in order to make a living. This is because the world is not structured in the way it should be. Most of the jobs available seem meaningless and less than ideal for Incarnated Angels. When faced with the choice of one meaningless job versus another, the Incarnated Angels who recognize that things in this world are upside down and backwards feel the dilemma.

This nonsensical world…

Part of the problem is that the world, as is, is designed to program people into a nonsensical system from the time of birth.

What do I mean by nonsensical system? Just think about it…It’s all crazy! No wonder so many people – particularly Incarnated Angels who feel a need for true meaningful expression – are upset!  We’ve all been programmed into a very wrong system, and it is upsetting. Fortunately, there is a solution, and I will present that solution later in this blog post.

How have we all been programmed?

HollywoodInfluence-AngelReadingsByZARAThe tools used to program us are many. They include schools where we are taught to conform and to respond to the bell. They include all of the media including television, “tell -a- vision”, the music industry, anything that comes out of Hollywood, the majority of advertising, the layouts of the cities – it’s all the way it is for programming purposes. It is the way it is in order to get us to think a in certain, limited way which is to convince us that we’re powerless.

But the truth is we’re not powerless!

We have been programmed to believe that we are, but we’re not.

The first thing to do in order to find your power is to get clear about yourself; and one important way to do that is to meditate. True meditation is concentration on God. You can do this by:

  • PeacefulMeditating-AngelReadingsByZARAsitting in a peaceful place
  • saying a prayer to God
  • doing some deep breathing
  • looking into the third eye
  • concentrating on the presence of God from 20 minutes to an hour or longer.

This will help calm your mind and emotions, and will help give you clarity about ways to proceed. And of course, it will help you feel closer to God. Not only will meditation and contemplation help your feeling of connection with God, but it will also help you in every aspect of your life, including finding and being involved in jobs and activities that are more in alignment with your soul, and with your true purpose.

When you go through life feeling that you’re not in alignment with your soul’s purpose, it’s usually because you’re not feeling in touch with your intuition. The way to get in touch with your intuition is to meditate on a regular basis. When you practice meditation regularly, you do get in touch with your soul and with your High Self.  Then, when this connection is established, you often get instant guidance for numerous things, both large and small, throughout your days.

In terms of finding the right path for your professional path, it’s important to realize that when you put God and your own high self (your personal connection with God) first, “all things shall be added unto you”. Meaning that when you get your priorities straight and put a God first and do your best to commune with God on a daily basis, you will get the inner guidance you need to find and make the right choices regarding life in all its aspects.

GuidingIncarnatedAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAThe work that I do in my Angel Readings for those who come to me for guidance, is to help them fine-tune themselves to find and be more certain their choices. Then the Angels and I help clients find their way to their own highest truth and the best life path for each individual.

If you would like guidance for a happier more meaningful life, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you with every aspect of finding and staying on your highest true life path.

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