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When Do Incarnated Angels Know Their True Identity?


Question From Client:

“Why is it that incarnated Angels don’t know their true identity, that they are Angels, from birth, with an exception of few?”

Hidden in the back of their minds, most true Incarnated Angels do know who they are from early childhood. In fact, as an Incarnated Angel, when you think back to moments and thoughts you had as a child, you’ll probably remember knowing that you were remarkably different from others from the get go. In fact, you probably knew from very early on that you had a special origin separate from most.

The influence of the “dark side”…

DarkAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAThe problem with remembering who you are as an Angel doesn’t arise from not knowing who you were from the beginning of your life, but from sustaining that knowledge. In other words, you may have known who you were when you were a child, and then forgot. This “forgetting” results from your having been affected by some of the innumerable “dark side” programming traps that “dark side” beings have set. The “dark side” beings placed these lies and traps in their attempt to negatively affect everyone on earth. They do this in order to manipulate people into not knowing much about life’s true origins, falling into a “sleep” state, and then staying asleep.

Unfortunately, even Incarnated Angels are affected by this negative programming. Breaking out of this negative programming is the issue. This Is exactly the reason why Incarnated Angels come to me for Angel Readings and Clearings. They do this to get outstanding and effective help in breaking out of the negative programming they’ve been subjected to. They want to know more, feel better, and get clear as to what path to take in their lives. They get this help through regular Angel Readings and Counseling.

How can you find the truth?

On a side note…in line with the ubiquitous negative programming that I mentioned earlier, in going through life, you may have noticed there’s not much truth here on earth. Actually, truth is available, but when you find it, it turns out to be something very different from what you expect it to be. The reason it’s so different from what you expect is because most of what we’ve been told and programmed with is false and misleading, adjusting yourself to the truth after all that negative programming can be challenging!

When you really want the truth about anything, you’ll really need to go looking for it because the truth is hidden.  The truth will not come through by asking authority figures like parents, teachers, or most religious leaders. This is because most of these people either do not know the answers you are seeking, or they are hiding the truth.

YoureAnAngel-AngelReadingsByZARASo, in other words, you might have known that you are an Angel, that you have a specific purpose, and that you came to earth, (through your mother’s womb), with a special mission to serve God through helping and positively influencing others. You might have known this from the beginning of your life, and then later, having conversed with adults who misled you, you might have discarded the intuitive truth you knew, and actually forgotten that which had been previously clear.

Of course, it is possible that some Incarnated Angels have never had an inkling of who they really are. Even so, if this applies to you, take a moment to stop, think back, and do your best to thoroughly re-access your memories, you may recall that you knew who you were a long time ago, and that now, you’re just remembering that you actually are an Incarnated Angel.

If you would like an Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling to help you find truth and to understand who you are and what your purpose is, Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752 I can help answer some of your deepest life questions.

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