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The “Ugly Duckling” and Incarnated Angels

LonelyIncarnatedAngel-ngelReadingsByZARAIf you identify yourself as an Incarnated Angel, or you wonder if you might be, you may have spent a great many moments in your life feeling alone and wondering “why you are so different from other people”. Incarnated Angels tend to notice early-on in their lives that they just don’t fit in – that they think very differently from most people out there.

What tends to happen is that they go through their lives noticing important differences between themselves and the vast majority of other people. They also find out that others may not accept them because of these differences -particularly different outlooks on the way things are.

As children, for instance, they might be ostracized, made fun of, and in other ways, intimidated and shamed for being different.  So, because of these hard beginnings, they typically learn to do their best to hide their differences.

Because they hide their thoughts and differences, it is not uncommon for the Incarnated Angels to stop sharing their true thoughts with almost everyone except their very best friends…although, ironically, their best friends may not actually understand them either. This can then lead to the Incarnated Angels deciding to simply stop sharing, and just deal with the fact that they really feel out of touch with others.

What Incarnated Angels may not realize is that there truly are other Incarnated Angels who go through the same exact difficulties and problems that they themselves are experiencing. In other words, like them, other Incarnated Angels may also feel very alone, and wonder why they feel so out of sync with other people and the world in general.

Good news for Incarnated Angels

The good news is that even though Incarnated Angels may be few and far between, they are not actually alone in their thoughts and feelings. There are others out there like themselves. To illustrate what I mean by this, I’ll bring to mind the story of “The Ugly Duckling” written by Hans Christian Andersen.

To me, it is clear that Hans Christian Andersen must have been an Incarnated Angel in his own right. In “The Ugly Duckling”, he tells the story of a baby bird that was born into a family of ducks. This baby bird is larger, makes a different sound than even the bird that he is given to believe is his mother, who does not accept him and treats him very badly.

This causes him to sadly leave the nest and wander the world. In his fretful wanderings, the “ugly duckling” goes through one heartbreaking experience of rejection and cruelty one after the other, finally culminating in an emotional state of hopelessness, despair and feelings of worthlessness.

Eventually, when all hope seems to be gone, he happens across some beautiful swans whom he believes will surely reject him, since they are, by far, the most beautiful and magnificent type of animal he has ever seen. He assumes that since beings of less magnificence have already rejected him, the impressively beautiful and graceful swans will want nothing to do with him at all.

IncarnatedAngelsDifference-AngelReadingsByZARAIn the final portion of the story, the ugly duckling is surprisingly not only befriended by one of the young swans, but is invited into the whole bevy of swans, and is fully accepted with love and gusto!

While joyfully welcoming him in with loving acceptance, one of the swans admonishes the ugly duckling to look into the water to observe his reflection. As the ugly duckling follows his new friend’s suggestion and tremulously looks into the water, he is astonished to see that his reflection reveals that he himself is a beautiful and magnificent swan! This shocks him into a paradigm shift and into a new reality of love and self-acceptance, and thus, he comes to realize that he never was an “ugly duckling” at all, he was always a beautifil swan.

Incarnated Angels on earth…

I feel that in order for Hans Christian Andersen to understand the principle that he was conveying in his simple story, he had to have been an Incarnated Angel. Born in 1805, he is an example of the fact that although Incarnated Angels may be rare on this earth, such beings have been incarnating on earth in various numbers for a very long time – not only since the 1970’s, as some fanciful authors have suggested is the case.

If you think you may be an Incarnated Angel, but you have travelled very rough roads along the way, you may take heart in this story. Which, in turn, may help you to accept yourself as the Incarnated Angel that you are.

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