Incarnated Angels and Reincarnation

How Reincarnation Applies to Incarnated Angels

reincarnationincarnatedangels-zaraWhile some people believe that incarnated angels started coming to the earth in the 1970’s, and that this life is actually their first life as humans, according to Archangel Michael, Incarnated Angels have had many past lives before this one. In fact, if it weren’t for good incarnated angels having influenced mankind through the ages, our world, and humankind, would already be lost.

Incarnated Angels have many past lives…

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, the original reason Angels started incarnating on this earth was that after the war in Heaven, in which corrupted angels, who became dark-side beings, were ousted from Heaven and catapulted into the “bowels of the earth”, some good angels were asked to incarnate as humans through the normal means of childbirth. The purpose was so they could actually be seen and heard by humans, and thus become positive influences for humankind. This was intended as a way to assist God to help guide his human children into positive actions and right thinking.

So, yes, Incarnated Angels have had many past lives before this one, and for this reason, you who identify as Incarnated Angels, or Earth Angels, may wonder about lifetimes you have lived before.

How Past Life Regression helps you understand.

Recently, my husband, Michael, and I facilitated a Past Life Regression workshop in which we helped all who attended re-experience past lives. In the class, which we facilitated in the living room of our home, we used hypnosis to help our students get into a nice deep trance state. We then led them into remembering their individual past lives.

hypnosissession-zaraAfter bringing them out of hypnosis, we allowed our students to share their experiences, and the results were both profound and touching.  In that, and many other workshops we’ve conducted, we always allow people to share their past life hypnotic experiences. It’s always amazing to me to witness how many of the questions people have had about themselves are answered through this method. Some of my workshops are free for people who sign up for my newsletters. I also facilitate past life regressions in paid private sessions, for people who request it.

I’ve noticed that when people go into past life regressions with burning questions they have about themselves and/or their relationships, they often get greater understanding about the very things they were formerly confused or perplexed about. In other words, they get answers to many of their questions.

An example of this was a happily married woman who had a male acquaintance she felt close to. Gladys, (a pseudonym), felt a bit guilty about her feelings because she was concerned that she was only supposed to love one man, and her affection for this acquaintance caused her to feel a little disloyal to her husband.

Yet, when you think about it, Reader, it should be totally okay for a woman to love both her husband and her son. What does a woman loving both her husband and her son have to do with Gladys’s inner conflict?   Under hypnosis, Gladys found that the male acquaintance, she felt such affection for, was actually someone she was had been very close to in a past life. In fact, he had been her son. In the past life, her son had been a joy to her, so when he was cut down in war in the past lifetime, she had been devastated.

understandpastlife-zaraWhen Gladys realized that this man had been her son in a past life, she felt it was really wonderful that their souls were reunited once again. Then she no longer felt guilt, and instead was genuinely relieved. It helped her to realize that despite being separated through tragedy before, she had met her beloved son from a past life. This, then absolved her from thoughts of guilt about her affectionate feelings, and instead gave her clear perspective. Gladys decided to simply keep him as a casual acquaintance, never mentioning it to him, or anyone else outside of our class, and fully recognized that this friendship was not threatening to her marriage. This also helped her to settle into knowing that close bonds from past lives can continue to have meaning forever.

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