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How Incarnated Angels Intuitively Do Angel Work

IntuitiveIncarnatedAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen I introduced the concept that some people are good Angels incarnated as humans, (Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels), my purpose was to encourage those who recognize themselves as such to feel better about themselves, their lives, and to inspire them to do what I call their Angel-work. Since I brought in the concept of Incarnated Angels in 1996, others have followed suit and brought in their own ideas on the subject.  Some of what they say, I agree with. Other things they say about Incarnated Angels and Earth Angels, I do not agree with at all, because they’re incorrect. I’ll write more about this in an upcoming blog post.

One of the things I’ve talked about in connection with Incarnated Angels/ Earth Angels is the term, “Angel work”.  I’ve defined Angel-work as large and small acts worked through by Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels, geared to serving God and attempting to make this world a better place. These acts of Angel Work can be performed through helping and inspiring others, through living a good example for others to follow, and/or by bringing in new helpful inventions, music, or helpful philosophical teachings. Much of the “Angel work” I’m referring to is done without consciously realizing how good and important such acts really are. This is because many of the good and wonderful things that Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels do are performed automatically and intuitively, and without self-serving ulterior motives of any kind.

The Role of Being an Incarnated Angel…

Many clients who come to me for Angel Readings begin by mentioning that they’ve just realized that they are either an Incarnated Angel or an Earth Angel, (which are actually two different designations for the same phenomenon), and they want to know what to do to fulfill their purpose.  

In the course of the Angel Readings, as I look at the clients’ lives to discover the Angels’ view of what they’re really like, and how they’ve conducted their lives thus far, what I often find is that, in many ways, most of them have already been doing at least a portion of their Angel-work…even though they didn’t realize how important what they were doing actually was. Again, this is because so many of the kind and wonderful things they regularly do are done without realizing how impactful and important their simple acts of kindness really are.

VolunteeringAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAEven Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels may have jobs within corporations, or have other, what I call “every day” jobs.  Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels could be stay-at-home parents, or they could be involved in volunteer-work, or doing a number of other things that they may not directly associate with what they think should be their “spiritual work” or Angel-Work.  Yet, according to God and Archangel Michael, things they do while at their corporate jobs, at home with their children, in volunteer work, or any of a number of things that involve being around others, may be part of their Angel Work.

This is where I try to make clear to many of them that even if they are not doing something huge on a humanitarian level, and even if the job that they have is ordinary in terms of making money and dealing with business concerns, in some way, they may be doing their Angel-Work without even realizing that that is what they are doing.  As I look into their souls in the Angel Readings, and find examples of ways they’ve already been doing part of their Angel Work, I explain to them that the many acts of kindness that they have performed, and the words of wisdom that they have shared with co-workers, family-members, neighbors, friends, associates, etc., has been part of their Angel-work all along.

I also explain that in numerous stories of near-death experiences described by hundreds of people in documentaries and in books, one of the things such people usually state is that while they were clinically dead, they had experiences of Angels and God helping them to understand their lives and what was really important. A primary message most of the people involved in near-death experiences relate is that small acts of kindness, carried out with no ulterior motives in mind, are more important than awards, accomplishments, fame, riches, or anything involving worldly adulation.

Outward Acts of Good Are Their Own Reward

So, for instance, if the person had been a so-called philanthropist, a minister, or something else usually thought of as amazingly good and impressive in our world, and yet, had done these things with ulterior motives – simply to look good, but without love in their hearts, such status awards score zero points in the heavenly realms. God and the Angels are not impressed by worldly things and accomplishments. Instead, what they are impressed by are small acts of kindness that are performed for the sake of others, with no thought for themselves and what they can get out of what they do.

AngelsBeingKind-AngelReadingsByZARATo reiterate….someone being rich and famous in this world, does not necessarily transfer over to the higher realms impressing God and the Angels in the least. What truly matters to God and the Angels is how much that person loves and cares about others, including people, animals, the earth itself, and how sincere they are in the process. Those are the kinds of things that impress God and the Angels, and are the things for which the person gets “points”.

Again…many Incarnated Angels/Earth Angels have been doing small anonymous acts of kindness most of their lives. They do good things because it’s the right thing to do. They may not realize how important these small acts of kindness really are, and they think no one knows about or is keeping track of them.  Actually though, as I look into the Akashic Records and find examples of good things a person has been doing while thinking no one knows, I find proof that God and the Angels have been keeping track, and that they want to encourage that person to understand and appreciate that they are doing better than they think in terms of their Angel Work and their spiritual venture here on earth.

In fact, an Incarnated Angel/Earth Angel may be directed within an Angel Reading to do greater, broader Angel-work in the future…such messages come through quite frequently; but even those messages are given on top of the important acknowledgment that the Incarnated Angel/Earth Angel has been doing part of their Angel Work already.

 If you believe or know that you are an Incarnated Angel, and would like some guidance on the Angel-Work you are here to do, please Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752. An Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling session can help you answer some of your deepest life questions.


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