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TeachingAsIncarnatedAngel2-AngelReadingsbyZARAIn the Bible, Jesus taught the crowds with parables. Why did he do this? Because parables are stories embedded with worthwhile lessons that the unconscious minds of the average human can get. He did this because if he had told them the same thing in a more direct way, they wouldn’t have been able to grasp the meaning.

The other evening, I happened to see one of my Incarnated Angel clients at a social event. The moment she caught sight of me, she ran up to me and gave me a long, heartfelt embrace. Then after the two of us managed to find a table where we could sit down and talk privately, with a great deal of emotion, she said,

You changed my life. Since I’ve been coming to you over the last four years, I think about myself differently. I see myself as the Angel that I am, and it makes all the difference. I now believe in myself so much more than before, and I know what to do and say in a way I didn’t before.”

Her words, (very similar to those which I have heard from numerous clients before), were healing for me. When people tell me things like this, I enjoy the feedback that tells me how effective my Angel-work is in truly helping people.

When someone truly is an Incarnated Angel, but does not know it, they tend to go through life feeling unsure of themselves. In past blog posts, I have written that Incarnated Angels are different from other people in ways that are noticeable to both them and other people.

Being different is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, some of the differences we’re talking about are very advantageous, and are attributes that help the Incarnated Angel through life. The problem, however, comes in when regular humans, sensing the “difference”, do not accept the Incarnated Angel person into the community merely because they seem different.

GossipAboutIncarnatedAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAThe problem may not be so severe as people keeping the Incarnated Angels completely out of their social groups. What happens most frequently is that other, more narrow minded regular humans, begin to act suspicious of the Incarnated Angel, and make snide remarks to the Incarnated Angel’s face, as well as saying mean and destructive gossipy things about the Incarnated Angels behind their backs. Typically, after the mean gossip starts, others follow suit and begin to act less friendly and more unappreciative of the Incarnated Angel’s presence in the group. Or worse, sometimes the Incarnated Angels get shunned from the group.

Why are some regular humans like that?

It’s because many humans have a “herd” mentality, and they often are not-accepting of anyone who is even a little different from them in their habits and thinking patterns. Of course, some regular humans are more enlightened than others, but because regular humans think differently from Incarnated Angels, the danger of them turning on the Incarnated Angel is always there.

Yet Incarnated Angels are here to help the humans and be a guide for them. So how is that to be accomplished if regular humans are suspicious of them?

The answer is you must be cautious in your dealings with regular humans. Since they will never be able to understand things on your level…don’t share any information or thoughts with them you think they won’t understand.

Some of the things that are completely obvious to highly intelligent Incarnated Angels completely go over the heads of many of the regular humans. But, as I alluded to in the beginning of this blog post, keep in mind the methodology promoted by Jesus in the Bible.  Just as he told stories which helped people understand certain principles he wanted them to get, so can you, as an Incarnated Angel, tell stories about things in your life, or in other people’s lives which help your children, family, and friends to intuitively understand the ideas you want them to get.  This is an easier, safer way to make a difference in the lives of people around you.

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