Incarnated Angel Characteristics

Understanding the Characteristics of Incarnated Angels

BabyIncarnatedAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAMany people are confused about the characteristics of Incarnated Angels…who are they, and why are they here?

As I have said many times before, some people are actually Angels who have come into the physical realm through the normal process of birth. This phenomenon has gone on for thousands of years, so, those who have written that this phenomenon got started in the 1970’s are incorrect. Those who have said that are apparently not looking back into history and seeing what I believe is the obvious truth – that some of the most inspirational and incredible people of all time, who, at the very least, did their very best to change the world in a positive way, were indeed Incarnated Angels.

JFK-AngelReadingsByZARAI use the terminology, “did their best” because I think it’s obvious that although many true heroes of our world tried very hard to bring in truth and light, most of their efforts have, throughout time, been thwarted. In fact, many of them have been killed. Take, for instance, JFK…Although it can certainly be said that he was not perfect, (no one is), it remains very clear for anyone who researches the topic of his ideals and what he tried to accomplish for our world, that he was an outstandingly exceptional person. If he had been allowed to finish out his presidency, he could have helped our world to be a much more peaceful and hospitable place than it currently is. And yes, in my opinion, he was definitely an Incarnated Angel.

The realization of myself being an Incarnated Angel came in 1981 when, in trying to take a nap one day in the early afternoon, I was immediately taken out of my body and taken into a higher dimension in which I experienced myself as a huge and powerful Angel. Words cannot express what this experience was like. It certainly was not a dream. I had just lain down, and hadn’t fallen asleep yet when I was pulled out of my body. In the experience, I was completely different from my normal small self. The power and enormity were awesome, and I actually experienced a different level of consciousness than humans can normally experience.  It was amazing.

After the experience, and after being onto into my body, I opened my eyes.  Then, while still lying on the bed, I was both elated and humbled. I was elated to know who I truly am, but anxious and humbled by the implied responsibility that this realization would entail.

There are other Incarnated Angels…

Although I knew from that time who I was, it was not until 1996 that I realized that other people besides myself were Incarnated Angels as well.  Until that time, I really didn’t find anyone who understood life in the way I did, or had the same ideals as I did. This changed in 1996, when, as I was doing an Angel Reading for a new client, Archangel Michael told me that the client who was with me was an Incarnated Angel as well.

When that message came through, I was shocked, and hesitated before passing the message over to the client.  At that point, Archangel Michael metaphorically “nudged” me – compelling me to actually give her the message. At that point, I told her. As I have reported in previous articles, the woman looked surprised, and immediately said, “But I am not perfect!” To this, Archangel Michael responded,  “Incarnated Angels are not perfect. They came here to serve…” After a while, as I explained more about Incarnated Angels to the woman, she realized I was right, and accepted herself as an Incarnated Angel.

Yes, it’s true that Incarnated Angels are not at all perfect. Like anyone else in the human body, they are humans, complete with the imperfections and frailties of other humans. But they also have a few characteristics that set them apart from most others in significant ways.

Just to be clear, I will also make the point, that Incarnated Angels come in both sexes and all body types. In addition to that fact, there is no race or body type that Incarnated Angels cannot come through. Those who have said that Incarnated Angels usually have blond hair and blue eyes, are absolutely incorrect. They are usually Rh negative, or have a stronger than usual tendency to certain problem such as autoimmune disorders, overweight, etc.  While, of course, it is true that Incarnated Angels can have those challenges, Incarnated Angels can be tall or short, be physically fit, have brown hair, black hair, brown or hazel eyes, and any other physical traits you can think of.

Here are some of the typical characteristics of Incarnated Angels:



  1. They have a strong desire to do something of import in the world that would truly make the world a better place.

  2. In line with #1, they often want to make a living while putting forth their efforts to make the world a better place, so they can use their time to help others. If they have to make a living doing other things not in line with their primary purpose, they feel frustrated, because in that case they can’t spend a sufficient amount of time doing their “Angel work” of helping and positively influencing others.

  3. Starting out from childhood, they get a strong sense that they are different from other people, and they are here on this earth to fulfil some sort of positive mission.

  4. Because of a natual curiosity about how others tick, they try out different things that may not be totally ideal, and of course, like everyone else, they occasionally do things they regret later.  Later, deeply regreting any mistakes they may have made, they frequently feel an overwhelming sense of guilt from having tried things out that they now think are foolish.

  5. In line with #4, they try very hard to correct themselves and attempt to stay away from future actions that they know would be wrong.

  6. Incarnated Angels are extremely self-correcting, and try very hard to be the best they can be.

  7. Even though they are self-correcting, and are typically very decent people, they remember and recall their errors from the past, and have a hard time forgiving themselves.

  8. They often have a strong sense of guilt, even though the things they feel guilty about are usually very minor and insignificant when compared to the typical thoughts and actions of most other people.

  9. Incarnated Angels are often quite self-deprecating.

  10. On the other hand, they often have a sense that they are working for good, and they truly put in effort to do their best to help others on a very regular basis.

  11. Incarnated Angels often have a very strong sense of the difference between right and wrong, and they can be very adamant about it when they believe for sure that they’re right.

  12. They have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and are typically correct in their convictions.

  13. On the other hand, they are usually humble, and have no problem allowing others their own opinions.

  14. IncarnatedAngelsAreAccepting-AngelReadingsByZARAThey are usually very accepting of others, and try not to be arrogant or pushy.

  15. Incarnated Angels, above all, want to serve God.  They may not be religious, or have a typically religious attitude about God, yet they have a strong sense of what they believe God is, (loving, powerful and benevolent).

  16. Incarnated Angels do their best to please God.

  17. Incarnated Angels go through life trying to improve, grow, and accomplish whatever they believe is their mission in life.

  18. In line with #14, they work hard to discover their mission. They try to define their mission, so they can get a good sense of what they can do in their missions to please and serve God.

  19. Incarnated Angels try hard to fulfil what they perceive is their purpose.

  20. Incarnated Angels have compassion for others, both humans and animals.  They also usually care about plant life and minerals as well.

  21. Incarnated Angels usually love and respond to very harmonious music.

  22. Incarnated Angels love harmony, and work hard to bring harmony into their own lives and into the lives of others.

  23. Incarnated Angels are brave, and do their best to stand for what they believe to be important principles that are in line with their spiritual beliefs.

  24. Incarnated Angels are generally tolerant.

The above are just a few examples of qualities that are typically expressive of Incarnated Angels.  Again, I want to stress that while some writers have attempted to narrow the entire concept of Incarnated Angels into something trivial – such as shape of face, hair color, and physical disorders, etc., the truth is much broader and meaningful than that.

Incarnated Angels are actually here to serve God by doing their best to be good examples for others, and to do whatever they can to inspire others to love and serve God as well. Incarnated Angels are here to do their best to influence the world to move into a more harmonious, compassionate truthful state. That is what they are here for.

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