Importance of Angel Readings

Why My Angel Readings Are So Important

ImportanceofAngelReadings-ZARAAs an  Angel Reader, one of the main reasons I incarnated here is to offer guidance and direction for angels on earth who would otherwise feel hurt, confused and alone.

I’ve known who I am, and have been very successful as an Angel Reader for over fifteen years. The reason I know who I am is because of something that happened to me in 1990. At that time, just as I was about to fall asleep, I spontaneously left my body and entered into the giant body of an angel about 150 feet tall. I experienced myself as an ancient being that knew everything and was not at all like my personality self  that I, my family and friends are used to in ordinary reality.  It was an extraordinary being and an extraordinary experience.

This experience coupled with 30+ years of meditation reaching levels of samadhi helped me to understand that my job is to guide and help earth angels deal more effectively with life during their sojourn on earth. Because this is my job, and is not something I made up or aspired to, Archangel Michael and other angels bring me clients that are right for me. They bring me Incarnated Angels, or Earth Angels, so I can help them by debriefing them, clearing them, guiding them and teaching them, so for me, it works out perfectly. My job is to advocate for Incarnated Angels, so in that capacity, the angels bring Incarnated Angels to me so I may work with them and help them along their way.

After incarnating here and eventually waking up to who they are, angels need to debrief and get guidance. All angels need that. They can begin to wake up all by themselves, but after awhile, they need assistance. This is because no man (or woman) is an island, and while Incarnated Angels are good at standing up for other people, they usually have a terrifically difficult time in standing up for themselves. Also, because they have very deep emotions, they need moral support.

How My Angel Readings Can Help Incarnated Angels

That’s where my work comes in. When people find me, many times they don’t realize they are actually angels. I’m not saying that everyone who comes to me is an angel. I work with all types of people on all types of issues, but Incarnated Angels are naturally attracted to me and my work.

Anyway, when I discover through my psychic abilities within an Angel Reading that the person I am working with is actually an incarnated angel, I usually tell them. Then I help the individual to understand what that means from a practical point of view. This knowledge helps them to understand themselves and helps them develop their lives in a way that truly makes sense and is no longer chaotic as they often were before.


Being an angel on earth is really a glorious thing, because Incarnated Angels have a purpose, are very intelligent, very gifted, very insightful, and that when they stand for something important, they stand for it all the way. It also means that they are a good friend – both to God, the angels and other people.

One of the pitfalls I help the Incarnated Angels avoid is getting into their egos and thinking they are better than others just because they are angels…

Actually, being an angel does not make you better than anyone else is. All people, all angels, all Beings are God’s children. Every child of God is as important as every other child of God. Being an angel just makes you a little different than others, and understanding that difference can help you, as an angel, become more comfortable with yourself and can help you make decisions. As an angel, you have specific distinguishing characteristics (like being extra sensitive and extra psychic, etc), and understanding who we are helps all of that make sense.

Angels-incarnate are not perfect, but …

  • Angels are Real - ZARAThey are full of love, but they usually do not even remember who they are, that they were created as angels before they were born. They are loving and kind. They are curious, mischievous, and carry so much energy within their bodies that they are often highly sexual. They are never mean to anyone on purpose. They may make mistakes, and they might hurt others unintentionally, but as soon as they realize they have caused this hurt, they are sorry, and do whatever needs to be done to make amends.
  • They are the teachers, the healers, the philosophers, the ones who brought in all harmonious art and music for the world to enjoy.
  • The angels who were born on the planet earth chose to come here for a specific purpose. When this earth experiment first began, thousands of angels volunteered to be born as humans so they could help and guide the ones who were created as humans originally. They came to heal and to inspire.

 If you’re an Incarnated Angel, you came to earth for a specific purpose…

REMEMBERING you’re actually an angel, and discovering your true purpose can help you plan and direct your life. Otherwise, you may feel as though you’re wondering through the world aimlessly and you won’t feel satisfied. My job is to help the Incarnated Angels get a clear idea about who they are, what their purpose is, how to create what they really want in their lives and how to REALLY be happy.

Having an Angel Readings with ZARA will help you understand who you are, and the role you play as an Incarnated Angel.

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