I Saw Angels

I Saw Angels All Around Me

AngelDedicationAlmost no one thinks of angels incessantly. Even I, who have the ability to tune in with them on a regular basis sometimes forget to notice the angels right in front of me, above me and all around. (If you want to know more about me, just google ZARA ANGEL or Angel Reader, and you will find loads of info about me and the work I do.)

One day, when I wasn’t really thinking about angels, I was out and about, visiting Pike’s Place Market and the Seattle Aquarium. Suddenly I beheld dozens of beatific, luminescent angels in front of me, floating above, and I was heart-struck to realize that though I had temporarily forgotten them, they had not forgotten me.

Angels are dedicated to me…

The experience filled me with a wonderful feeling of safety, protection and gladness. As I viewed them, it became clear that they were ready and willing to guide me, protect me, and instruct me whenever the need should arise, no matter whether I was consciously thinking about them or not…This is what I call dedication.

So often we, as humans, fall into the mindset that if we are not thinking about the angels, they are not thinking of us, yet this is not the case. The angels care about us and are with us all the time. Even if we do not believe in them, angels believe in us and help to guide us in any and every way they can.

Angels are dedicated to their purpose…

To me, this is an example of the fact that angels are dedicated to their Divine Purpose.

This dedication to purpose that I see in the angels is a huge inspiration for me, and I often wonder what the world would be like if everyone found and followed their Divine Purpose just like the angels of light.

Diversity-AngelReadingsbyZARACan you imagine what that would be like? If everyone prayed to God and asked the Divine to come into their lives and help them find their own true path, each person would probably actually find the way. Then, I think, there would be far fewer fights and upsets, and almost never a war, because people would be much more concerned with doing the right thing than with blaming one another for misunderstandings, differences of opinion, and the like.

Instead, people would work out their problems by talking together peacefully, with love and concern, and the world would become a better, more enlightened place.

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