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Miraculous Experiences With Guardian Angels


Have you ever had a conscious experience with your Guardian Angel? Here are some accounts from people who say that they have…

In my life, many have shared their genuine personal experiences of Guardian Angels with me, and now, I’d like to share some of the stories they’ve told me.

A Miracle of safety by a Guardian Angel

One such experience related to me by Alice, was that while driving her car to work on a very icy morning in December, the traffic in front of her came to an abrupt halt so she quickly applied her brakes. Because the ice was so slippery, her car began skidding towards the semi-truck close in front of her, and as Alice related, into what she perceived as certain disaster.

Praying for God and her Guardian Angels to protect her, she suddenly found her car in front of the semi-truck, rather than behind it. In fact, she said that instead of crashing into the semi-truck as appeared inevitable, she felt her car literally being lifted over the semi-truck, and into safety, a miracle which could never logically have taken place. Relieved and grateful beyond belief, she realized she had just experienced her own Guardian Angel producing an unbelievable miracle in order to protect her.

The reason I knew the story she related was authentic was that she had absolutely no reason to lie to me. Besides that, as a professional intuitive, I felt the truth of her words in my being, and I knew her astonishing story was true!

A miracle of healing by a Guardian Angel

Another amazing account came from a person I was sitting next to at a talk I was attending. Although I didn’t know her, and we hadn’t been talking to one another, I suddenly felt an urge to ask her if she believed in Angels.  Very excitedly, she answered, “Yes!”, and then said, “It’s so interesting that you should ask me that. I have something to tell you after the meeting.  Okay?”

Of course, I said, “Yes”, so after the meeting, she pulled me aside, and after introducing herself as Bridget, she told me her incredible experience:

Her husband’s brother, who she described as being a scary and unbalanced fellow, barged into her house one evening when he knew the whole family would be home, and with a gun, literally shot everyone in the family.  He shot her son and daughter, as well as her husband and her.

Fortunately, no one died, but they were hurt.  The one hurt worst was Bridget, who for several weeks was in intensive care in the hospital – trying to recover.  After she got out of intensive care and started to come to full consciousness, she was in tremendous pain.  Of course, she was attended by nurses checking in and helping her with her needs.

GuardianAngelHealing-ZARAOne afternoon, a very kindly woman with blond hair showed up and told Bridget she would help her heal, and that Bridget would be fine, and would be able to go home shortly. After the woman ministered to her, and walked away, Bridget felt 90% better, and found herself readily able to get out of bed for the first time since the beginning of her ordeal.

The mystery woman then left the room, but as soon as she did, Bridget got up very quickly and attempted to catch up with her to ask who she was. However, when Bridget opened the door, although logically, there was no time for the woman to have walked all the way down the hallway, this kindly woman had disappeared.

Bridget had followed her so promptly, she couldn’t imagine the woman had had a chance to disappear like that, but gone she was – nowhere in sight.

When the nurses came into the room again, they were stunned that Bridget was obviously so much better than earlier that same day. Bridget then asked the nurses about the woman and inquired who she was. The nurses were adamant that no one on either the hospital staff or any volunteer fit Bridget’s description of the beautiful blond lady that had attended her. It was at that point that Bridget felt fully confirmed that the woman was no ordinary woman, but actually an Angel.

Then Bridget understood why she had felt beatific, unworldly energy when the woman was with her – because she was literally an Angel from above who had come to her for the purpose of miraculously healing her. In fact, from that moment on, Bridget’s recovery was so remarkable, there was no other explanation for such a rapid recovery but that the woman was not merely a woman, but truly a heavenly Angel who had healed her.

Within days, Bridget had made so great a recovery that she was released from the hospital and allowed to go home. Her family was much recovered by that time, and the unstable relative had been dealt with, so although the family members had been severely shaken up by everything they had undergone, they were doing okay. Bridget attributed much of her physical and emotional recovery, and the fact that each of her family members had survived, to the visit from the “woman” who was really her Guardian Angel, and for this, Bridget was tremendously grateful.

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