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angel - ZARAWorking directly with Archangel Michael in 1996, I received the message that some good angels incarnate as humans, and through his direction, I brought in the concept that good angels can incarnate as humans.  Here is my updated vintage article, first published in 1998 as “Victory of the Angels”, that first began the conversation that some good angels can and do incarnate as humans.



        Some Good Angels Incarnate as Humans

I am an Angel-Reader, one who is in close contact with angels of light, and who passes these messages along to you, usually within the context of an Angel Reading.

All of my life I have received messages for family, friends, and others from the angels.  Although I could not resist the push I felt to give the messages I received in dreams and meditation, I did not fully understand who these messages were from.

Perhaps I should have known, because whenever the messages were given to their intended recipients, they produced so much love and healing.  That was the reason I was willing to be the medium for the messages.  They always felt so beautiful, so helpful, and so right-on.

In 1996, when Archangel Michael came through and identified himself during a Reading, I was blown away.  Yet, he is so kind, so personable, and has such a loving way, the contact I had with him seemed very natural.  He is amazing love and unyielding force of light all in one.  He also enjoys playing with words and has a delightful sense of humor.

Angel Readings Inspired by Archange lMichael - ZARAThe messages that come through during Angel Readings are not always about the individuals only.  Many of the messages are relevant to all of us.  Once, around the time that Archangel Michael made his first personal appearance, a client who was with me received the message that she was created as an Angel before she was a human!  The whole reading was wonderful for her, and also for me.  It made me feel uplifted as I felt the genuine joy of the person I was with.  She said, “I thought that I was an angel when I was a little girl, but later I thought it couldn’t be true.  But now I realize it is true.  I am an angel! …but how could it be?  I’m not perfect.”

The response to her question from the angels was, “Incarnated Angels are not perfect.  They are full of love, but they usually do not even remember who they are…that God created them as Angels before they were born into this world as humans.  They are loving.  They are kind.  They are curious, mischievous, and often carry so much energy within their bodies that they are often highly sexual.  They are never mean to anyone on purpose.  They may make mistakes, and they might hurt others unintentionally, but routinely, as soon as they realize they have caused this hurt, they are sorry, and do whatever needs to be done to make amends.

“Incarnated Angels are here to serve God and help positively influence people. They are the teachers, the healers, the good philosophers, the ones who brought in all harmonious art and music for the world to enjoy.  They may make mistakes in their lives, but they do so with good intentions and love in their heart, for this is their nature.

“The Angels who were born on the planet earth chose to come here for a specific purpose.  From the very beginning, when this earth experiment first began, thousands of angels volunteered to be born as humans so they could help and guide the ones who were created as humans originally.  They came to heal and to inspire.  They came to help.”

During the next reading that I gave, Archangel Gabriel came through.  His message was that this client, named Andrea, was also an Angel that had incarnated as a human, (an Incarnated Angel).  Andrea also concurred, saying that she had always noticed important differences from her responses to certain kinds of stimuli from the responses of most people.

Earth Angels - Angel Readings by ZaraAs an example, she often felt perplexed about the fact that, unlike ordinary people, she could not lie, manipulate and deceive, and was often straight-forward even when being candid was not to her greatest immediate advantage.  In other words, Andrea was aware that she had a great deal of purity that she simply could not shake.  She had also noted that she was virtually incapable of wishing ill-will upon others, even when they treated her badly.

She said that when she was a child, she intuitively knew she was an Angel.  But eventually, due to the influence of the world and other people, she changed her mind.  How could she believe anything so seemingly impossible, so different from anything she had been taught?  Yet, Archangel Gabriel’s message was compelling.  “Remember who you are” he said.  You are an Angel.  You came here to help the divine plan.  It is important that you recognize your true heritage so that you can quickly get on with your mission…”

This information was startling, because back in 1996, literally no one was saying that good angels incarnate as humans and the concept was unheard of.  As the reading continued, I was amazed that I was the first one to receive and transmit such an important piece of information.

In our next post, we will talk more about Incarnated Angels and their characteristics.


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