Good and Bad Angels

Understanding The Difference Between Good And Bad Angels

TheGoodAngels-AngelReadingsByZARAGood Angels have always been involved with the earth and helping humanity as long as there have been people.

For a long time, because humans were pure, when the Angels wanted to converse with people, people could actually see and hear them…there was no problem with communication between Angels and humans.

Since communication was easy at that time, and everyone believed in Angels, it was easy for the Good Angels to guide humans to help keep them out of trouble. The humans accepted the Angels’ guidance as a matter of course.

Unfortunately, there were also bad angels…

In order to understand the difference between Good and bad Angels, you need to understand the origin of the problem:

Once, there was a war in heaven. In the outcome of that war, the fallen ones who had rebelled against God were ousted from the heavenly realm, and were no longer allowed to enter. From the dreary place they were cast to, (said to be located in the bowels of the earth), the fallen ones made a pact.

After a rousing speech delivered by Satan, the evil ones vowed to go to earth and corrupt all humans. They knew that God loved humans, and they figured since they could no longer enter God’s kingdom and fight God directly, they could still get back at Him by attacking His/Her children, the humans.

The fallen angels’  plot consisted of attempting to corrupt humans with thoughts of war, hatred, vanity, and all forms of evil that, unfortunately, are rampant today.

GoodAngelsRemainVigilant-AngelReadingsByZARANow you can see why the Good Angels have their work cut out for them. Our world has been corrupted for a long time, and the fallen ones have wreaked havoc on this earth.

Yet there is still plenty of hope. The Good Angels haven’t given up on us, and never will. This is the reason it is so important not only to turn to the Good Angels for guidance, but also to be absolutely certain that it is the Good Angels you are dealing with, and not the bad ones.

Distinguishing between Good and bad Angels…

There are ways you can be certain you are dealing with Good Angels…

  • HeavenlyPath-AngelReadingsByZARAIf they lead you to God and not away from Him.
  • If the guidance they give you helps you to improve your moral character.
  • If they guide you to greater health and well-being.
  • If their words and guidance helps to fill you with courage and conviction to be a good family member, help others, love God, and develop a better relationship with your High Self.

The influence of the Good Angels leads us to self discipline, self control, purpose in life, greater love for all, and a much closer connection to God. Their guidance leads to happiness.

The bad angels will flatter and lead you into chaos. They work against God, against family, against self discipline, and against self-control. Their negative influence leads to heartache and unhappiness, thoughts of purposelessness, discouragement and feelings of being lost.

In my work as the first Angel Reader ever commissioned as such by Archangel Michael, I will help guide you to know the difference between the Good Angels and the bad ones.


Through Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “Angel Work”, or receive guidance for a happier, more meaningful life.

Schedule your private session with me or call me at: (425) 741-9752

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