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Inner Retreats…A Place for Gaining Spiritual Knowledge

innerretreats-zaraWhile at one time the Inner Retreats were actually on earth in the physical realm, when the earth energies became too dense and too dark to support their physical existence, the Great Ones chose to bring the Inner Retreats into the ethereal (astral) realm—hovering above actual physical locations.

They exist above the Rocky Mountains, above Tibet, above the Island of Ceylon off the coast of Southern India, above Darjeeling in India, above Luxor in Egypt, above Banff in Canada, and one located in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Hungary to name only a few.

Each of these locations is associated with specific Spiritual Masters who teach there – Masters such as Lanto, Djwal Kul, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Saint Michael (Archangel Michael), and Saint Germain.

Visiting an Inner Retreat…

You may not consciously remember having such an experience, but if you ever communed with Spirit and told God that you wanted to serve the Light and serve Goodness (God), you are probably among those who are taken to Inner Retreats in your sleeping hours, whether you remember or not. Think back. You may have a glimmer of a memory that confirms what I am telling you (By the way, we are not taken to those locations every night—just when the Masters and Angels choose to take us).

Although I recall only a small amount of each experience when I visited Inner Retreats at night, these memories have confirmed in my mind that these places actually exist, and that many people are taken there – not just me. I’ve also spoken to many others who also remember several Inner Retreat experiences, and recalled some of what they learned while there.

In one Inner Retreat, I was literally inside of a mountain, sitting in my pajamas on a natural ledge used as a bench around the perimeter, and I saw many others sitting in their night clothes, looking as though they were in a daze, but peaceful nonetheless.

When the class started, two Masters stood in the center of the circle—Saint Germain and Saint Michael, and we were instructed on understanding the science of metaphysics. The masters wanted each of us to have this knowledge so we could use this information in our healing practices.

Although many present would not consciously remember, the information would be accessible “intuitively” and in the course of working with family, friends and clients in spiritual sharing and enlightenment, the subconscious lessons from the class would prove useful.

Inner Retreat Experiences are not dreams…

RememberPreviousExistence-ZARAInner Retreat experiences are different from dreams. Dreams feel one way. Lucid dreams, (out of the body experiences during sleep) feel another way.  Experiences in Inner Retreats feel completely different from either dreams or lucid dreams. In Inner Retreats you get the sense that you are safe, directed, and that you need to trust and pay rapt attention to the lessons being taught. You also get a strong feeling of reverence.

If you think you may have had one or more experiences in Inner Retreats, you are probably right. Even though you may not recall everything about them, you somehow know you were there.  You feel better, more confident and more knowledgeable about spiritual things.

Some of the information you accumulate from the Inner Retreats is available immediately and some of it is stored in your brain for use when the Great Ones choose to download it into your conscious mind. Either way, it comes in useful to solve many of your personal issues, and to help others with their personal concerns as well—on many different topics.

The Great Ones have the wisdom to know exactly the right time for downloading to take place. Meanwhile, you will still “intuitively” know things, (subconscious memories from your Inner Retreat experiences) and this will help you in your life, and in your spiritual work with others.

My experience is that everything we learn in the Inner Retreats is useful and fun, and that the spiritual questions that used to puzzle you get answered.

Love and Blessings, ZARA



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