Expand Intuitive Skills

How to Expand Your Intuitive Skills

ZARACuriousKatzTalk1In a recent blog post called “Awakening Your Intuition”, I wrote briefly about the important benefits of trust, relaxation and meditation in helping to facilitate  your intuitive awakening. In this post, I’ll discuss more details concerning how you can increase your intuition.

To begin…it’s important to realize that everyone has intuition–even if it’s latent. So right now, within yourself, just realize that you have intuition too, and that it’s quite possible to increase your ability to receive intuitive messages both from your own High Self and from the Angels above, if you’re willing to make the effort.

Recently, I gave a talk on this topic at a local metaphysical group called Curious Katz. As I began the talk, several people let me know they were not at all sure that they had intuitive abilities, but as I progressed in the speech, even those people began to understand that they do have latent abilities. They just hadn’t realized it before.

The Importance of Meditation:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all else shall be added unto you”

The temple of God is within”

ContemplateOnGod-AngelReadingsByZARAWhen I use the term, meditation, I am not speaking merely of simple guided visualization. I am speaking of specific, focused contemplation on God. What do I mean by God? I mean the Divine force of Goodness that created us and our universe.

God is omnipresent, which means God is everywhere—even inside of you. He/she is inside of everyone, but most people are unfortunately unaware of the Divine presence within them.

Through a regular practice of focused concentration and meditation, using specific techniques that work, you can develop an awareness to know absolutely that God energy—God’s presence is inside you.

When you become aware of God within, as a side-effect, you also become far more intuitive than you ever were before. You’ll find that you know quite a bit about what other people are thinking…as an example:

You also intuitively know when other people are thinking about you, and you feel it before they call or text you on certain occasions. You also receive inner guidance about small and large decisions in your life, including who you should go to and trust for spiritual counseling.

With the regular practice of meditation alluded to above, and with your intuition obviously increasing as you notice you’re doing a better and better job of getting psychic messages, it is also important to relax and then to trust. Of course, true meditation requires relaxation in order for it to work.

When you meditate…

DeepYogaBreathing-AngelReadingsByZARAYou sit in one place and stay still. It is also important to practice deep yoga breathing, which in itself relaxes your body, mind and emotions. The relaxation that you experience during meditation helps you to become more familiar to the benefits and quality of relaxation.

This is helpful because after you learn to deeply relax, you can practice it during the day whenever you want to tune in and practice your intuitive skills.

Practice increasing your psychic skills:

During the day or night, whenever you want to intuitively tune in to something you wish to know or understand, you can then ask the question you want to know the answer to…

  • Then close your eyes and relax, and tune into your heart.  (The heart chakra is one of the centers of intuition).
  • After doing this, relax even more deeply with deep steady breathing, and just notice the words and feelings that come to your heart.
  • When a message comes, once again, tune into your heart and make sure the message is coming to you from love rather than from fear.
  • If you truly feel the message is coming to you from love, and it feels right in your heart, then the next thing to do is to trust.
    • Trusting your intuition may be a bit difficult at first, but it gets easier with time.

I believe in paying attention to feedback, so I encourage that for you. By that, I mean that if you get a message that someone is thinking about you and is about to call, (for instance), check to see if you were right.

Did they call or text you soon after that? If they did, What did they say? Did the tenor of the communication go the way you felt it would? Were they either friendly or unfriendly as you had intuited that they would be? These are all important considerations that can help you fine tune your intuitive abilities over time.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings and Spiritual Counseling, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

Would you like to discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life?

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