Discoveries of an Angel Reader

Discoveries of an Angel Reader

ArchangelMichaelInsructions2-AngelReadingsbyZARAOver 20 years ago, in 1996, I was contacted by Archangel Michael while doing Psychic Readings in greater Seattle.  As Archangel Michael’s presence filled the room, he told me he was working with me and that as the future unfolded, I would be helping people discover who they are on a soul level and would help them understand and sort out their problems and this is exactly what has happened.  
For the last 22 years, I have worked full-time as a Psychic Angel Reader and Spiritual teacher, with Archangel Michael, and I have had the honor of helping thousands of wonderful people feel happier and understand themselves and their lives more fully.
I knew the one who came to me was Archangel Michael by the feeling of love and joy he brought with him. And there was a golden light which was perceived not only by me but by the client who was with me at the time. From that time to this, he and other angels of goodness such as Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Zadkiel have been with me constantly whenever I do Psychic Angel Readings.  
IncarnatedAngelClient-AngelReadingsbyZARAI would also like to say that many of the people who come to me for readings are very special people – sometimes Incarnated Angels. Often they are gifted in their own rights and I love helping them recognize their gifts and be open to their highest potentials.  That is my specialty.

I know that I’m not the only one who has gifts.  

Others are gifted as well, only sometimes they don’t know it and I like to bring it out in them. As a matter of fact, everyone has some psychic ability and I enjoy helping people realize their abilities and learn to tune in to their guides and angels for assistance. 

This does not preclude working with me, because the more their gifts open, the more they tend to recognize they need direction from one in the physical realm who has already traveled the Spiritual path and who knows. When clients recognize this, they work with me more often and with greater regularity because they want to grow and they want the Spiritual benefits. Then, with this humble attitude, I’m able to help them even more, because then they are more open.  

In many of the Readings I do… 

Sometimes people are sad because they feel that other people – often family members – do not like or understand them. When I hear this, I look at the problem with my psychic abilities and find the source of the problem. Then I help my client by describing the exact situation, the people’s attitudes and how they came to their conclusions. In many cases, the problem lies in the realm of other people’s prejudices. In most cases, the ones who come to me are not the ones who have caused the problem. Often, they are innocent victims of other people’s abuse. Family members and other acquaintances’  jealousy, unkindness and judgmental attitudes associated with conventional thinking and behavior get in the way and often the person gets marginalized. This marginalization causes them to feel hurt, misunderstood, frustrated and angry. I like to help release my clients who are often angelic humans or Incarnated Angels from these bad feelings and teach them to come from a happier and more powerful place. 

StreamingLight-AngelReadingsbyZARAWhen I see the general scenario of marginalization, I help my clients understand what has really happened. This helps them to know that someone “gets it” and can delineate the exact problem to them, and that person is me. As we go over their individual situations, the angels and I help them to see everything from a happier and truer perspective and often, before long, they are laughing and feeling lighter and happier than they have felt in years. They then realize not only that they were not as much at fault as others may have wanted them to feel, but also that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

And yes, before talking with me, they often think almost all of the challenges they face are of their own doing. This attitude is in the popular culture in many societies, as many belief systems throughout the world teach that if something bad happens to you, it must be your fault. But often, I’m able to show them that they were manipulated and forced into situations they couldn’t possibly control, so it’s not as much their fault as they thought it was. Then, after “clearing their programs” through the energy work I do, I teach them new methods of behavior to effectively deal with similar situations in the future.

Having an Angel Readings with ZARA will help you understand who you are, and the role you play as an Incarnated Angel.

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