Dealing With Psychic Attacks

How To Successfully Deal With Psychic Attacks

PsychicAttacks-AngelReadingsByZARAWhile it is true that Good is much stronger than evil, it is nevertheless also true that there is plenty of evil to contend with, both on this earth and in the astral realm. So in order to help those of you who are grappling with either psychic attacks in the astral, or malicious spiritual attacks from people you know or have come into contact with, I am writing this article to help you understand the process of how to protect yourself from future attacks.

One of the disadvantages typically held by Incarnated Angels is that Incarnated Angels are often extremely naive and fail to recognize that evil even exists. Yet evil does exist, and it’s much better to recognize its existence and deal with it rather than not seeing it and giving it a pass, which could lead to great harm to not only yourself but also others.

The importance of dealing with evil…

A metaphoric example of the existence of evil and the importance of recognizing and dealing with it head on concerns the topic of rotten wood. If the floorboards in your kitchen, for instance, are rotten, it’s far better to know of the existence of the rot and replace the floor boards, rather than simply walking about in the kitchen oblivious to the risk of falling through a hole that could, at any moment, open up. It’s important to know what the problem is, i.e., fearlessly seeing the truth, and then, with the truth being clear and obvious, swiftly deal with it with a positive application and courage.

While some Incarnated Angels are naive about recognizing the evil that exists in humanity, others are keenly aware, and are often frustrated about the fact that everyone doesn’t see it. In truth, the main reason that Incarnated Angels incarnated here on earth in the first place is because evil entities have been incarnating on earth for thousands of years and have been causing endless problems for humanity through various means of trickery and evil influence.

EvilEntity-AngelReadingsByZARASome of the evil entities I’m referring to are incarnate in human form, and others are invisible in the astral. The ones in human form can be relatives or acquaintances. They can be bosses, fellow workers, neighbors, school instructors, or various other things. They are the tares (weeds), among the wheat (children of God). They can look like us and can copy normal human behaviors, yet they are really just mimics and mimes, who are trying to trick and deceive, and the best thing you can do with them is first, recognize who they are, and second, either neutralize them in relationship to you, or, if possible, get them permanently out of your life.

Recognize You’re Under Psychic Attack…

1 – The first thing to do when you’re under a Psychic Attack is to actually recognize that you are being attacked. If, for example, you have a physical problem that has come about very strangely, such as scratches on your body that happened during the night when you were asleep, you may be under psychic attack. Another example of a possible psychic attack would be a person who, while being well-qualified for a certain position, cannot get a job regardless of how hard they try. There may be a curse set in place to stop them from being hired.  The possible examples of psychic attacks are endless, but the point I am making is that while bad luck or bad health may be there for other reasons, sometimes the actual reason is simply that the person is under psychic attack.

In such cases, if you contact me for an Angel Reading, I will be able to tell you if the cause of your problem is a psychic attack, or whether it’s caused by something else. Either way, the Angels and I can elucidate what’s causing the problem you’ve been experiencing, and through the Readings and clearings, we can teach you what is really happening behind the scenes, and we can clear the negative energy that has been blocking you. This can result in a happier and smoother life for you. While it is not guaranteed to take away all of your problems, understanding what’s actually happening and clearing out the negative energies, definitely helps people in their lives.

Adjust Your Behaviors…

2 – SeparateFromToxicRelationship-AngelReadingsByZARABesides recognizing the problem that exists, and facing it truthfully, it is important to adjust your behaviors in favor of your own happiness and success. Sometimes this may mean that you need to visit a certain family member less, or let go of a pseudo-friendship, or separate from a toxic partner, or even go so far as to get a divorce. It’s important to recognize the fact that evil entities, whether occupying human hosts or not, have only malice in their hearts, and it’s important to remember that none of your efforts can convert them into the light. This is an important fact to be aware of because naturally, Incarnated Angels want to help and convert people. While this is a noble aspiration, and can be achieved with some individuals that are not inherently darkside, among the darkside evil entities that are inherently committed to evil, no conversion is possible—regardless of the Incarnated Angels’ loving intentions and skills.

The way to adjust your behaviors in relation to the above is to let go of certain relationships, stop giving your time, energy and power away to toxic people and situations, and, by methodical application, strengthen and increase your personal boundaries.  By doing these things, you make yourself far less vulnerable to bad luck, curses, hexes, black magic, sorcery, and various other means the darkside has been using to steal your health and happiness.

Seek Help…

HappierLife-AngelReadingsByZARA3 – It is also important to seek qualified, professional, spiritual help. While Incarnated Angels may be very good at helping their friends and other people see the truth about their lives, Incarnated Angels have a hard time seeing their own lives clearly. That’s why they need the type of help I offer. The fact is that while Incarnated Angels can be very good at helping and guiding other people, they often have a hard time seeing the truth about their own lives and need help, not only to see what’s really happening, but also how to deal with it.

The problem with Psychic Attacks is that, if not detected,  they can go on forever.  If, on the other hand, the Psychic Attacks are recognized and effectively dealt with, the effect of such attacks can be sidestepped, dissipated,  or sometimes even eliminated.  Changing the negative energy into positive through the clearings I do can help you have a much happier and far more successful life.

Learn more about yourself, enhance your own spiritual journey, and possibly even your Purpose as an Incarnated Angel.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness, no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life.

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