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Overwhelmed With Multiple Priorities In “The Time Of No Time”?

TimeOfNoTime-AngelReadingsByZARALately as I meet with people to do Angel Readings and help them in their personal lives and situations, I have noticed that almost everyone I meet is dealing with a similar energy—that is, most people are so completely busy with countless numbers of priorities, that they are totally overwhelmed. In having numerous “priorities” that they are supposed to take care of (too many to actually accomplish), they are feeling frustrated and out of control. This is the way my life has been as well. In fact, this is the reason that getting out my weekly e-mails has not happened every week lately. I’ve been overwhelmed totally, and some of it has to do with my family, who I love dearly, but take up a substantial portion of my time. They are the very top priority to me.  But my angel work is a total top priority too. So – back to the computer – writing this message to you.

Like I said, I know I’m not the only one dealing with this kind of situation.  Everyone I meet with, for Angel Readings and Counseling, is dealing with similar energy, and I’ve noticed that they’re having problems getting all their priorities done. It’s as difficult for them as it has been for me. Yet, as I meet with them I have the advantage of understanding that the energy itself is the factor that is causing the craziness we have been experiencing.

We are living in the “Time of No Time” that the ancient Hopi Indians foretold. They said the people of the earth would come to a time when there is no time. And their prediction is proving itself to be so very true. Let’s think about it…a time of no time. Isn’t that what people are saying over and over again? Things like, “I’d like to get together with you—but there’s just NO TIME!”

What? There’s NO TIME?

What does that mean? We’re living in an age when the concept of time is beyond understanding—when full days seem to take place in a few minutes, and years take place in what seem like days. It’s as if time itself has gone crazy, and it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it.

NoTimeForPriorities-AngelReadingsByZARAIt’s not just that as we get older the concept of time changes… I’ve noticed that very young people are experiencing this phenomenon as well.  One of my clients, a twenty year old college student recently complained of feeling completely overwhelmed by so many important priorities. She feels there is no time to fully accomplish any of them. Because of this she felt frustrated and at fault. I assured her that she was not the only one in the world who was having problems accomplishing their priorities. Many spiritual people are having this problem. Even though we’ve classically been able to keep it all together while others who were not so spiritual were floundering, lately we have been truly challenged as well.

I told her that I for one am always a very busy person, so I’ve made sense of my life by focusing on my priorities, so that I could at least fully accomplish something. But lately, it has seemed impossible to follow through with even that much. Unforeseen factors just continually get in the way—constantly.

Everyone seems to have run out of time…

ReliefFromStress-AngelReadingsByZARAThis information helped my client to feel better as she realized that she is truly not alone. I told her that almost everyone I deal with is complaining of the same feeling, and it’s been hard for every one of them.  My client was very relieved and, as I told her the phenomenon would let up soon, she was overjoyed.

So the message I want to send today, is that the intense craziness we are apparently dealing with will indeed let up.  Meanwhile, the best way to get through this period is, instead of trying to get all of your priorities done at once, just take it one step at a time. Think about your priorities, then intuitively choose one of them, and do what you can to complete that project. As that project gets tackled and accomplished, be grateful to the Angels and God for the gifts and the abilities you have been given, and  be loving and appreciative of yourself. Realize that the NO TIME phenomenon we are currently experiencing is really an opportunity—an opportunity to once again realize that God is all there is, and there is really no need to be afraid. As long as we live in an attitude of loving and serving God, everything in our lives will ultimately work out for the best.

In a future post I will give you some ideas on strengthening your aura and help you cope with our priorities better.

Love and Blessings to Each of You,  


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