Communication With Angels

How To Use An Angel Journal to Communicate With the Angels

CommunicatewithAngels-ZARAOne of the things I teach is that Angels are real. I believe this because I’ve seen proof. They’re with us everyday. They’re not just with me, they’re with you. And one of the things people have often asked me is how they can learn to commune with Angels.

So, with the thought that some of you may be interested in this concept, I’m going to address this topic now.

The first thing to keep in mind when you want to commune with Angels is that they are attuned to subtle energies of love, and in order to commune with them, you need to attune yourself to subtle energies of love as well.

Nurturing Energies of Love

Some ways to do this are to:

  1. Practice regular meditation.

  2. Practice love and forgiveness for yourself and others.

  3. Practice being true to yourself.

You’ll need to:

  1. Start an angel journal.

  2. Set aside 20 minutes to an hour or so every day to practice communing with the Angels.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. SacredAngelCommunication-ZARACreate a sacred space where you plan to practice daily communion with Angels.

  2. Have your journal and a pen or pencil with you.  Think of a question you’d like to ask the Angels, and write it down.  Examples would be, “Are you here?”, “What is your name?” “What is my purpose?”

  3. Then, spend at least 10 minutes, or longer, in meditation.  Begin with a prayer, and then meditate.

  4. Then, when the time is right, and you feel fully relaxed, verbally, out loud, ask the question you wrote down.

  5. At that point, wait until you receive a subtle message inside yourself.  When you receive a message, write it down.  Don’t judge.  Just write.

  6. Now, read your question, and read the answer.  See if it makes sense.  If it does, that’s great.  If not, that’s okay, because it can take awhile to get the hang of it.  That’s fine.  Every valuable accomplishment takes time and effort, and regular practice can bring good results.

  7. Continue this practice on a daily basis.  With dedication and a sincere heart, you may get good at it, and you’ll find yourself in regular communion with the good Angels much more than you ever expected.

When you’re in communion with Angels, they may influence you in various ways at any time of the day or night. Sometimes you’ll see them manifest as flashes of light, or you might hear them in one of several ways. An example of that would be clicking sounds.

Let me explain:  Sometimes you may be in your living room, for example, all by yourself, and you may be wondering about the right answer for a decision you need to make for your future. Then, for example, you’ll have a thought about what to actually do, and then, there will be a click in the wall, or on a shelf, or some such thing, and that click is actually the angels saying that the thought you just had about a possible solution to the problem you were just thinking about is the answer they agree with. That is one of the ways angels communicate with you, to let you know their input about what to do.

Wisdom of the Angels

HelpfulAngels-ZARAThe angels are not divine dictators. They’re just helpers.  So if you decide to follow their guidance, or not is up to you. I will say right here that whenever I do what they think I should do, it always turns out right. Whenever I choose to do something else, it almost always turns out that I wish I’d followed their guidance, because when everything is said and done, I can see their wisdom.

Sometimes the angels may guide you to drive a different route from your ordinary route to work, or to a friend’s house, and the angels will impress upon your mind to go a slightly different route than you usually drive. This is something to definitely pay attention to, because whenever they do that, they have a reason. They may be trying to help you avoid an accident, or they may simply want you to see something that you wouldn’t have seen if you had gone the other way.

This communication from angels is of course subtle, but when you receive a message like this, after regular meditation has become a habit for you, (which is what allows that subtle reception on your part to take place), it’s a good idea to pay attention and follow suit.

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