Clearing Negative Energy

How to Clear Negative Energy

LightWorkers-AngelReadingsByZARAIf left alone, negative energy can cause problems in our lives, which is why I feel it’s so important to talk about the need to clear it, and ways to clear it. In my last post, I shared “Why Is It Important to Clear Negative Energy From Your Body and Aura? …Especially for Incarnated Angels and Lightworkers”  Today I would like to share some…

Effective ways of clearing your negative energy:

  1. Using Rescue Remedy to Clean Your Aura
    1. Put two drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water, and take sips throughout the day. This will help to cleanse and protect your energy.
    2. Taking a Rescue Remedy bath will clear negative energy from your skin, and will also remove negative entities and negative energy out of your aura.  To accomplish this, put 3-4 full droppers-full of Rescue Remedy into a full bath of water as hot as is comfortable for you.  Bathe for 20-40 minutes, and during the bath, plug your nose and submerge your head under the water for a few seconds.  Do this last step 3-4 times during your bath.
  2. Using Crystals for Clearing and Energy Healing:
    1. When you are out and about, carry certain crystals to attract good Angels and to clear your energy.  Some of the crystals you can use for this purpose are clear quartz crystals, amethyst, jade and elestial.
    2. When you are at home, use crystals for a Crystal Clearing.  You can do this by lying down and placing any crystals you are attracted to all over your body.  It’s important that the crystals actually touch the skin.  Then, cover yourself with a white sheet, and/or with a comfortable blanket.  If you’d like, at that point, say a prayer to God and the Angels to ask for their loving assistance.  Then, relax and breathe deeply for at least 20 minutes.  By breathing deeply, you are allowing the energy of the crystals to penetrate your body and aura.  After about 20 minutes, you will feel cleansed.  At that point, remove the blanket and the crystals.
  3. NatureClearEnergy-AngelReadingsByZARARemoving negativity and refreshing your soul by getting out in nature:
    1. Go to the mountains, and while there, get out of the car and, if possible, do climbs and hikes.  After doing this, you will feel newly cleansed and refreshed.
    2. Journey to the beach, and at the very least, get your feet wet so you feel the full experience of God’s ocean.  Through walking on the sand barefoot, you will receive energy healing from the earth, and through touching the water with your hands and feet, you will feel refreshed and cleansed.
    3. Visit the forest, breathing in the fresh clean air, and taking hikes as is appropriate for you.  When you do this, take a close friend, so you will not be alone.
  4. Shaking Your Body to Clear Yourself of Negative Energy:
    1. Literally shake negative energy off your body through, for instance, shaking one leg, and then the other.  Then, shake your arms and hands.  Then shake your head.  After that, shake your entire body.  Through doing this, you will instantly feel more positive and alive.
    2. Jump on a personal trampoline for 5-10 minutes. This will make you feel not only happier and more cleansed, it will also help you feel rejuvenated.
  5. Using Sound and Vibration Therapy to Clear and Refresh Your Aura
    1. Tibetan bowls.  Lie down and place Tibetan bowls on your chest, stomach and legs.  Then, using a soft mallet, strike all three of the bowls.  As needed, softly strike them again and again to keep the vibration going as long as you wish.  During and after this, you will feel peaceful and cleansed.
    2. Indian drums.  To do this type of cleansing, it’s best to have a partner assisting you.  The person assisting repeatedly beats the drum while you lie in repose.  It’s best to use an eye-covering in order to help you go into a deeply relaxed state.  After 10-20 minutes, you will feel relieved, more insightful and refreshed.
  6. InformationForIncarnatedAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAAngel Readings and Clearings are an excellent way to clear your aura and reset your energy.
    1. Angel Readings/Messages from Angels, allow you to discover answers to your questions, and can supply you with necessary coordinates to help you properly steer your life.  Many of the problems you’ve had in your life, up until now, may be due to not understanding certain underlying principles.  When you find out, for instance, that perplexing, painful problems you’ve experienced were actually the result of dark-side attacks, and the Angels and I offer advice about how to proceed from this point, much of the emotional pain you’ve been experiencing quickly dissipates.  Then you feel clearer and much more refreshed.
    2. Angel Clearing within Angel Readings.  During the Angel Readings I do with clients, I periodically do what I call “Clearing”.  This Clearing helps remove negative energy, hurt feelings, and confusion.  After this “Clearing”, clients report feeling more relaxed, more focused and happier.

If you would like an Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling to help you clear negative energy, or to understand who you are and what your purpose is, Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752 I can help answer some of your deepest life questions.


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