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Rejuvenation Results From Breathing Pink


 A while back, I wrote an article “Enjoy Rejuvenation by Breathing Pink!”, in which I revealed an incredible secret of rejuvenation. Since that time I have received an overwhelming response from people informing me that they are trying the technique, and later, sharing the results they have received. 

Amazingly, people attending my Psychic/Spiritual Development class who have learned and have begun applying the technique have found that the method works.

The method is:  Imagining and then breathing the color pink. 

I would like to share the results that have been reported to me. 

The most frequently mentioned improvement is that they have found that their skin has become uniformly softer and younger feeling, and that facial wrinkles have begun to disappear. 

I’ve also received reports from people feeling stronger psychologically – they are noticing that things that used to bother them unnecessarily no longer have as damaging an effect.

Some have noticed that their eyesight has improved…

Micha, a woman in her fifties, visited her optometrist recently.  Two years ago, her right eye prescription was 4.25.  Now her right eye prescription is only 4.00. 

Two years ago, her left eye prescription was 4.75.  Now her left eye prescription is only 4.50. 

The optometrist was mystified as to how her eyesight could have improved in two years instead of getting worse as would have been expected in any woman her age, especially considering that she is not in her twenties or thirties–or even her forties. Her optometrist uttered amazement that her eyesight showed an improvement of .25 in each eye! 

Betty, in her sixties, has also noticed dramatic improvement in her vision. Several months ago she required reading glasses when reading ordinary sized print.  Now she can read without her glasses. Whereas several months ago she could not do that, now she can. She reports that the change is measurable and obvious.

Results I have experienced breathing pink…

RejuvenationBreathPink-ZARAI too have noticed numerous signs of regained youthfulness.  My skin, hair, and eyes have all noticeably changed and improved.  I’ve also noticed that my attitude, including feelings of joy and hopefulness, have all gotten much brighter. I’m also getting into smaller clothing sizes, have more energy, and am experiencing a greater all-round zestfulness and enthusiasm about life. 

I am pleased that the results from breathing pink are so forthcoming for so many…

If you want to try this technique, but do not understand exactly how to proceed, be sure to Contact Me.  If you live in the local area and are able to join our Psychic/Spiritual class on Wednesday evenings, I usually guide the students into practicing “breathing pink”  in the beginning of each class. 

In addition to its rejuvenating properties, breathing pink also helps each student slide easily into a meditative state, as it helps them feel calm, joyful and centered.





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