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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been talking about writing a book for close to 20 years.
I’ve started writing it at least 5 times.
I’ve never been satisfied with the first 5 drafts of chapter 1.

This is what I want to achieve with my book…

  • I want to offer a book that explains the phenomena of people being born with the the soul or spirit of an Angel.
  • I want to offer a book that explains the process of my becoming an Angel Reader.
  • I want to offer a book about the wonderful people who have been helped by my Angel Readings.

What I need to do to accomplish my goal of writing my book:

  • WriteAngelReadingsBook-ZARAI need to do more than talking to get this book written.
  • I need to do more than meditating on the book.
  • I need to do more than looking at my Vision Board daily.
  • I need to actually write it.

But writing is work, and it takes time and effort. So I will need to make some changes to get the book accomplished.

One change I’m making is to temporarily put on hold my monthly webinars for the next 4 months. Although the actual time of the monthly webinar is only two hours, I’ve been spending 20+ hours every month to prepare for the two hours of live webinar.

Although it’s a labor of love, I’ve decided the time spent writing and rewriting the webinars could be temporarily better spent writing and finishing the book I’ve been wanting to write for so long.

I promise to let you know when the book is ready.

For those who enjoy my webinars or who simply desire to experience one of my webinars, I have a present for you:

I recorded the audio of my last 3 webinars. I will be posting links to these 3 webinars in future blog posts…One link to one audio recording of one webinar for three months. Free, no strings attached, just good information.


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