Are You An Incarnated Angel Part 2

Are You An Incarnated Angel – Part 2

In Part 1 of Are You An Incarnated Angel, I began talking about how Incarnated or Earth Angels must live in order to discover their earthly purpose…The first thing they need to do is a difficult step, and that is to Let go of ego, and I shared this story:

During a reading recently, a young woman  made a comment that was very profound. After I’d helped her see that some of the biggest, current problems in her life were related to unnecessarily protecting her ego, she said something that proved she’d gotten the point.  Her comment…

The only thing that comes from protecting your ego is coming home and complaining!” 

Today I would like to discuss the 2nd thing you must do…

2. Live in Love 

This step is also very challenging when the ego occasionally rears its ugly head and vies for attention.  Remember, although the first step is pushing the ego aside, as long as we’re here in this world, the ego can always come back again and take over if we’re not careful.  
Yet, love is all that matters…and that in itself is the clue. Again, you do not need to defend your ego, so when someone upsets you, or turns against you, or fails to come up to the standard you expect from a friend…whatever it is…it is so important to realize that when you come from love rather than from fear, things take care of themselves. You are not required to fix all the problems around you. It is not your job to punish, or to teach, or to change anybody other than yourself. So, when other people disappoint you, just hold on and send them love.  
Yes, there will be times when you will need to confront them and tell them where you stand and what you think, and that’s alright. In fact it’s good. But what isn’t good or necessary is to think that you have to change them. That’s not your job, and anyway, you can’t change them.  If they are going to change, it’s up to them.

LiveInLove-AngelReadingsByZARANot living in your ego also does not mean letting yourself get used as a doormat. You do need to stand up for yourself – but do it from calmness and from Spirit – not from anger or fear. A practical thing you can do to help the situation is to send a pink cloud of love to the person – even if it appears that they don’t deserve it. This may help them to soften their stance. It could help and it will never hurt. 

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”  –   Martin Luther King Jr.

Following the above steps will take you to a place in which you will automatically become ready to discover your true purpose. Then, when you come to me for a reading, chances are good that the angels will reveal it to you.

Life is a journey…

In regards to following the above steps…remember…you never arrive. It’s always a journey. Letting go of ego and living in love is an ongoing process. Once you begin the journey by making the commitment to live consciously -without ego as much as possible and full of love – the good news is it does get easier.  

But again…remember…you must always be on guard for slip-ups and you must pay attention to both your intuition and your conscience. One can always slip back. In such cases, look at where you’re going wrong, and make corrections. In doing so, you will be able to stay on track, and your life will become better and more meaningful than you ever dreamed possible.

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