Archangel Michaels Insights Part 2

Important Insights from Archangel Michael Part 2

ArchangelMichaelInsights-AngelReadings byZARA

This is the continuation and final part of this article…

Archangel Michael came through in one of my classes a while back, and revealed insights and answers on several important topics.  These insights were recorded by J.M.

More highlights from the channeled session with Archangel Michael:

~ On the Divine

God has been misrepresented by major religions as a person, and not a very nice one. Actually, God is a universal power that is love. You can feel that power pulsating through every cell of your body – especially when you meditate regularly.

God energy fills everything that is. As you learn to meditate and continue to meditate, you will become familiar with this essential God energy through feeling rather than through intellect.

~ On Jesus and Mary Magdalene

JesusandMary-AngelReadingsbyZARAThe great teacher, Jesus, came to earth to bring a message to humanity. He wanted us to know that God is accessible to each and every person here on earth. He and his soul-mate, Mary Magdalene, wanted to bring love, understanding, forgiveness, and the Divine Goddess back to humanity.

Jesus did not come here to be worshipped. He came here to draw attention to our own connectedness with God energy. His true message and his soul-mate, Mary Magdalene’s name, have been dragged through the mud.

Through darkside interference, Jesus’ message was obscured, and Mary Magdalene gradually became known as a prostitute instead of as the great spiritual teacher that she actually was.

~ On Contacting Angels

To contact angels you must have:

  • Pure intention
  • You need to actually believe in Angels
  • You must be willing to listen

Deep meditation on God and prayer, followed by automatic handwriting is a good place to begin to get angel messages directly.

The messages angels give are not always what you want to hear. They don’t simply tell you that everything you are doing is right. Often they advocate changes in the patterns of your life. They may advocate taking a strong course in your life and standing up for what is right.

Sometimes they ask you to be willing to go against the tide of other people’s opinions in order to do and say what is truly right. Standing against oppression, and standing for the essence of truth, kindness and human dignity are among the highest values that the angels teach.

In this way, the angels teach people to get into their purpose and learn to serve God every day for the rest of their lives.

In order to contact angels, stay in the peace you find through meditation. Remember God, enjoy your happiness, and recognize that angels are the messengers of God, and that they serve mankind out of love.

~ Angels of Light

AngelsofLight-ZARAAngels want us to know that they are messengers of God, and that their messages are important. However, angels do not draw attention to themselves. They send all of the love and attention you direct to them to God.

The concept that angels are members of a hierarchy is somewhat misleading. The hierarchical concept of angels leads people to believe that some angels are more important than others. Although angels do have different jobs and different places in the order of things, the concept that some angels of light are more important than others is false.

Actually, all angels of light are equally important, because every angel of light has an essential function:

  • holding the atoms together
  • keeping the planets in orbit
  • teaching people about divine concepts
  • protecting people
  • guiding people
  • giving people hope when they were feeling hopeless…

Each of these functions, and many more angel functions not mentioned in this short list are very diverse, yet they are all important jobs that need to be done.

Egoless, divine angels are not concerned with which of their jobs carry the most clout.  The angels do not even think that way.  They merely accept their function as a way to express their all-abiding love of God.



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