Archangel Michael on Christianity

An Interview with Archangel Michael

 What are his thoughts on Christianity?

ArchangelMichaelAndChristianity-AngThis is the final article in a 3-part series: Jai Tiger is interviewing Archangel Michael…for the first time in eternity, through ZARA.

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Jai: My teenagers want me to ask you if you consider yourself to be Christian?

Archangel Michael: Christianity, as it is practiced on the earth, does not fully reflect our teachings. Some aspects of it are positive, and other aspects are “off track“. We teach love and acceptance…loving and accepting yourself, loving and accepting others, loving and accepting God within you.  And then, following that inner guidance into greater and greater light – meaning that you will do what you came here to do on earth in a very practical and real way. You will learn to stand for what is right, stand against injustice and for true love and understanding. We are here to help you accept yourself first and then to accept others as part of you. In this way you will know God in yourself and others.

Jai: How do you understand God and what God is?

GodIsAllBeauty-AngelReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael: God is the eternal essence of love and all Beingness that has expanded into all creation. That Being that you call God is beyond description. God is love, understanding, acceptance and power rightly held and expressed. God is in all things.

Those of you who accept that God’s essence is within you will also see it reflected in the animals, trees, flowers, and the beauty of all that surrounds you. God is all that is. That is why even the darkness serves the light. God is omnipresent.

Jai: How is that?

Archangel Michael: Because the darkness is afraid of the light, but even the darkness will one day become illumined and all will go into God Beingness again. There is no need for fear. Love God and you will see that everything in your life will come into Divine Order.

Jai: Many people trying to work in their true purpose struggle with issues around money and making a living. What is best to do in these situations?

Archangel Michael: The alchemical changes that will happen in anyone’s life who is willing to follow their true purpose will be such that all of their material needs will be met. Many times people do not realize that their fears are blocking them, so they fear and imagine that bad things will happen, and that they won’t get what they need. This is an incorrect focus. You need to…

    • Choose what you want in life.
    • Focus on it.
    • Concentrate on it.
    • Go towards that goal and it will manifest.

It’s easy to be discouraged at moments when setbacks befall you, but if you just keep going towards your righteous goal, that goal cannot elude you. It will manifest.

Jai: What is the best way then to treat fear and anxiety?

FocusOnTheGood-AngelReadingsByZARAArchangel Michael: Focus on what you want, not what you are afraid of. Never give up. Believe that good is coming to you and claim it in your life. The affirmation, “I claim Divine Order in my life” will help your good to manifest. That affirmation is far better than saying, “Oh no, I just can’t do it”. Viewed in this way, even setbacks will be fun as you realize that they help the story of your life be more interesting as you go forth to greater success.

Jai: What is the best way to express gratitude to Angels for their help?

Archangel Michael: We like to watch you fulfill your purpose. It gives us gladness of heart to see you choosing the light and choosing to stand for that which is right, true convictions and your highest integrity. Simply remembering to say “thank you” to us in your thoughts and in your prayers helps us to remain connected to you. In that way, your thankfulness will become your daily meditation and help direct your call to action. Consistently stand for the light through being and speaking truth, kindness, balance, and understanding for yourselves and for God and the Angels.

Michael’s Message to You…

Jai: What else would you like to say for me to write?

Archangel Michael: Many people think I am too busy, famous and important to be bothered, so they do not call on me for personal help. I want you to understand that my job is to work with humanity and that as you call on me, I will be there for you. I will always do my best to guide you and direct you and when you call on me. I enjoy hearing from you.

Part of my purpose is helping you to find and be in your purpose. I love you. And remember this – each one of you is important. You can do your part to change the world into the essence of light that was intended to be from the beginning. How remarkable it is. Fear not. The good will always prevail–in the past, present and the future. Remember that good and light will always prevail. I appreciate you for interviewing me and my channel ZARA today.

Archangel Michael

and Archangel Michael’s Channel, ZARA ANGEL

End of Interview…

Note from Jai Tiger Reed: “This was meant to be!”

FeatherFromArchangelMichael-AngelReadingsBy ZARADeeply impacted by this interview, I, Jai Tiger, crawled into my bed with a grateful heart and thanked Archangel Michael for this new deeper connection with him. That night, I had a beautiful dream. I saw a very large white feather falling slowly into my arms. It was about 27 inches long. On the inside it was all white, on the top side, there was a large patch of blue and in the center of the blue was gold. ZARA ANGEL confirmed the next day, the feather was from Archangel Michael whose wings are white with blue and gold. She noted that he uses a feather or a wing to show when he is moving in your life—so watch your dreams!
~Jai Tiger

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