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Are There Really Incarnated Angels on Earth?

IncarnatedAngelsOver the past few years, many people from all over the world have awakened to the fact that they are really  Incarnated Angels.  Although they may not consciously have known before, because of an important energy shift currently taking place, God and good angels of the ethereal realm are waking some people up to their true identity as Incarnated Angels.

Many people who are actually Incarnated Angels are waking to their identity through profound experiences, visions, and messages in dreams.  Suddenly knowing their true identity, they are often completely surprised.

What they are realizing is that from the moment of their birth in this life, and in many lives before, they are beings who were created as angels first, and have volunteered to come as humans to assist the angels on high to heal and positively influence the regular humans to love and serve God, love and help each other and always practice kindness.

The Term Angel

I want to be clear, that in this article when I use the term “angel” in “incarnated angel”,  I do not mean it in the colloquial sense of describing a good girl, a good boy, a nice man, or a sweet woman, as in saying, “Oh, I really love that person.  She’s such an angel!”   I also do not mean a soft, fluffy, baby faced individual.

I’m actually referring to angels of God who, in order to fulfill a request by God, volunteered to incarnate as humans.

Another thing I want to make very clear is that Incarnated Angels came to this world for service to God and to help humankind.  They are not superior or more important than humans.  They are simply different from regular humans in several ways, and their tendencies and purpose is distinct from most regular humans.

The Purpose of Incarnate Angels

The angels who have incarnated on earth are fulfilling a need:  A very long time ago, humans were innocent and pure.  At that time, angels on high could communicate with humans very easily.  Because of their innocence and purity, humans were sensitive enough that subtle promptings from the angels on high was easy to perceive.  At that time, the humans generally heeded promptings from angels and stayed out of trouble.  Since then, of course, things have changed.

DarkSideAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAEventually, the dark side, fallen angels or demons, who hate God, tried to change and corrupt the humans through deception.

Through tricks, they tried to confuse and unfortunately succeeded to the point that the humans got so confused, many lost their former ability to see and hear good angels.  Through a combination of confusion and foolishly succumbing to destructive temptations, they lost the angels’ guidance they needed to stay out of trouble.

After this deterioration took place, some humans could occasionally perceive angels on high, but the ability to commune with angels regularly became so rare that then, as now, the majority of humans lost touch with the good angels almost all the time.

That was the reason God called a meeting of angels in heaven asking for volunteers to incarnate as humans.

The angels were told that if some of them would incarnate as humans, most starting from normal human birth, they could help God and the angels on high heal and re-sensitize the humans, so the humans could once again perceive angelic guidance from angels on high and follow their excellent guidance.

The volunteer angels who would come to earth as humans would actually need to BE human, complete with frailties and weaknesses,  (unlike Clark Kent in “Superman” who in tough situations could always access super powers).  Instead, even in the most difficult situations they would face on earth as humans, they would just be humans without any super powers at all and might sometimes feel as lost and lonely as anyone else on earth may sometimes feel.

Like any other human, they could  call on God and the angels above to help, but in many ways, just like any other human, they’d feel like they were on their own.  They could pray and ask for help like anyone else could, but their faith would be tested.

Then,  in their darkest hours, by example, they could show humans how to stand in integrity, love, kindness and faithfulness to God, and through their examples, they might be able to guide humans to better behavior so the humans could regain their desire for connections with angels on high, and through the resulting angelic influence, could regain communion with their high selves, the angels, and God.

Incarnate Angels and Religion

Religions-AngelsReadingsByZARAKeep in mind, when I say the angels who incarnated as humans were expected to be in service to God, I do not mean service to religion.

Since the dark side tried to confuse the humans in every way possible, they also confused humans about God.  In fact, most of the religions of the world that are supposed to believe in and honor God are hypocritical and are involved in teachings that are opposite to the principles of God.

For instance, although God is love, most religions, while outwardly professing “love”, actually support war, intolerance and hate, all of which are vehicles of the dark side.

From my experience of speaking with thousands of incarnated angels over the years, (of which, I am one), I’ve noticed that virtually all of them agree that religion and spirituality are two separate things.  Incarnated Angels almost always consider themselves spiritual, not religious.  Although they may be a member or a former member of religions,  they are usually much kinder and loving than typical members of religions tend to be.

Many times, various Incarnated Angels that I’ve worked with in the Angel Readings I do tell me that they used to be a member of a religion, but then at some point, they realized that the religion had little to do with God.  Then they found themselves confronted with the sudden realization that they needed to choose between God and the religion, so they chose God and quit the religion.

Once, an Incarnated Angel I was doing an Angel Reading for, told me that she used to be what she referred to as a “Bible thumper”, or what many people call a fundamental Christian. She said that at one point she realized that the sermons the preacher of that church was delivering were untrue and unloving and she said she realized she needed to choose God or the church. She chose God.

Incarnated Angels Have Their Work Cut Out For Them!

As I mentioned earlier, the bad angels/demons visited earth to hurt and corrupt the humans thousands of years ago, and with their tricks and deceptions, on a very large scale, they succeeded.  They used ego, gullibility and greed to tempt humans to fall away from angels-guidance and from God.  They convinced as many of the humans as they could to be rebels like themselves.

Some demons also appear as humans, and to further their dark agenda of hurt and corruption, they attempt to get into positions of  power in politics, corporations, churches, and other heads of organizations.  They do this to deceive, so they can control the masses.

MisleadingMedia-AngelReadingsByZARAThe good Incarnated Angels here on earth normally understand that politics, television news, the legal system, etc. are all a charade, controlled by the dark side in order to keep humans controlled and deceived.

In addition, the dark side,demons, or fallen angels also control almost all of the media, and use the media to mislead the masses into believing lies.

They use entertainment  such as popular music and movies to socially engineer people into thinking and doing things they want people to think and do, while the people being controlled think they are choosing on their own.

Incarnated Angels tend to be aware of the deception going on, and view it as so prevalent that they worry they will not be able to make any changes, although sometimes they become optimistic and imagine they can make a difference.

From my perspective, I believe that we Incarnated Angels can make a difference while in this earthly sojourn.  I feel the biggest emphasis is to love and care for your family, your friends, your pets,  and people that you happen to meet.  It’s important to meditate so you can develop a strong connection to God, the angels and your higher self.  Then, your intuition will learn to feel more guided.

I feel it’s important to always do your best, then leave the rest to God. In short, do what you can…then, let go and let God.

If you would like an Angel Reading and Spiritual Counseling to help you find truth and to understand who you are and what your purpose is, Contact Me or call me at 425.741.9752 I can help answer some of your deepest life questions.

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