Angels Incarnate

Why Have Incarnated Angels Come to Earth?

IncarnatedAngelsI believe that Spirit assigned many angels to lead humans into their highest potential. Some of these angels, to fulfill their specific assignments, needed to be born into human form. In the process of being born, these angels forgot their angelic origin, however, they kept their angelic temperament.

Angels-incarnate, in human form, have certain recognizable characteristics. From a very early age, they tend to feel different from other people, without understanding why. Since they understand Spirit as unconditional love and acceptance, they demonstrate their angelic temperament by being loving and kind in their day to day life. It is natural for them to desire the best for everyone, so they cannot hold a grudge for long. If provoked for long enough, they may get angry and choose to remove certain people from their lives, but they almost never seek revenge. Revenge is not a part of their angelic temperament.

The Purpose of Incarnated Angels

Of course these Angels-Incarnate have a strong sense of purpose. This is because they came to earth for a very specific purpose, to bring light and love into the world. Even though they have no direct memory of their eons as angels with Spirit, they tend to create an incredible amount of healing and positive energy.

One common reason angels in human form often know they are different from other people is because they remember being ridiculed for that very thing…for being different.

For example, one angel-incarnate named Elizabeth had problems with schoolmates when she was a child.

Elizabeth was a very shy nine-year old girl who did not understand the social ways of the other very human children. One of her classmates noticing that Elizabeth was very shy and vulnerable, decided that she would be safe to pick on. Because of the lies, vicious rumors and innuendo from her classmate, what little social life Elizabeth had before was destroyed as was her self-esteem and self-image. Even the classmates she thought were her friends turned on her. Elizabeth never understood how they could believe such obvious lies. She felt devastated, lonely, different and scared. Elizabeth soon dreaded going to the school that she used to enjoy so much.

When, as an adult, Elizabeth realized that she truly was an angel born into a human body, she gained a completely new perspective about her life. As she started to understand her true nature, she began to reflect on her early childhood years when everything seemed wonderful, full of light and love.

ChildIncarnatedAngel-AngelReadingsByZARAIndeed, everyone had said that she was a beautiful little girl with and angelic temperament. As she reflected on those early years, she remembered how those other children believed the lies of one girl and started to act like vicious pack animals. Elizabeth also became aware of how those early problems with her classmates had affected the rest of her life.

She was able to look back on all the different things she had done through the years to fit in, to be liked, and not to be rejected. The results of her early emotional pain were obvious. Then she remembered all the times she instinctively helped those who needed help, whether they asked for it or not. It seemed second nature to take care of problems, to avoid conflict, and to smooth out troubles between people.

AngelOnEarth-AngelReadingsByZARAEven now, decades later, she really can’t understand why some humans act the way they do. As Elizabeth started to realize that the differences inherent in her were due to her true angelic nature, some of the fear and emotional pain started to fall away. As she also learned to establish healthy boundaries, Elizabeth noticed that she had a much more powerful attitude about life, a much better self-image, and she felt much happier.

Who are the Angels-Incarnate?

As you are reading this story, have you been wondering if this is really true? Are there really angels here on this earth? Could you be one of those angels? If you empathize with Elizabeth and you ecognize an angelic temperment within you, it is certainly a possiblilty. You might even be getting gooze bumps as you are ealizing your true angelic nature.

This is the first in a 2-part series on Angels-Incarnate, in our next article we’ll talk about Being an Angel-Incarnate.

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