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It’s Important To Know You Are An Angel Incarnated To Earth

IncarnatedAngelsExist-AngelReadingsByZARAOne of the things that has been both surprising and validating about teaching that some people are actually Incarnated Angels, is that some of the clients I’ve had through the years had already received a message about who they really were before they heard about it from me or anyone else. Some of these people found out who they were through dreams, because they just had a strong inner knowledge, because they had been told they were Angels by friends and/or strangers through the years, or by any other means.

When I brought forth into the public consciousness that Good Angels can incarnate into the human body, I did so because of my experiences in which it was revealed that I am an Incarnated Angel, and also because I had been given a very clear message that I was the one to share the information with others. It was time for people to become aware, and to know that such a thing is not only possible—it is true.

As stated above, some of my first-time clients shared their own experiences of knowing they were Incarnated Angels before they heard about the concept from books, articles, or even hearing others talking about the subject, and even before they had heard about me and my work.

They knew they had incarnated…

AngelIncarnated-AngelReadingsByZARAOne client shared that she had a dream in which God wrote “seraphim” upon her forehead. When she awakened from her dream, she wondered what the term “seraphim”  meant, because she had never heard of it before. When she looked it up, she was amazed to find that the term, “seraphim”, meant one type of Good Angel, one very close to God.

This particular client, I’ll call Christine, already knew she was an Angel of God incarnated as human. The reason she came to me was because she knew that I understood about Angels Incarnating as humans, and she wanted the support and guidance that she felt I alone could offer her—which she definitely received.

Another example of a client who already knew he was an Angel of God was a man I’ll call Jim who came to me and said he already knew he was an Angel, (he had known for many years). At one point, he had been taken out of his body into the heavenly realms where he experienced being in the presence of God surrounded by millions of Angels.  The experience Jim described was identical to one I had experienced a few years earlier. Jim’s sharing that experience was extremely validating for me.  Just the fact that he already knew he was an Angel, coupled with the fact that he’d been given the exact same heavenly experience as I’d been given by God and the Angels, validated that my teachings about Incarnated Angels is correct.

Someone else who already knew who she was as an Angel was a young woman I’ll call Sarah. Sarah called me on the phone after reading the first-ever article about Incarnated Angels that I’d written, and shared that she had always known who she was since she was a child, but had never had that fact acknowledged by anyone. My article, however, made her feel joyfully acknowledged as the Angel of God, incarnated as human, that she really was.

Most of the people who come to me for the first time feel that they could be an Incarnated Angel, but they’re not sure—and that’s totally okay. They don’t have to know in advance. My part is to check with Archangel Michael to find out for sure. After that, if the client wishes, they can continue to work with me in the sessions they schedule for as long as they find the Angels’ and my work helpful for them. They don’t need to be an Incarnated Angel in order to do this.  It’s up to them as to whether they make future appointments.  It’s always up to them.

We are all children of God…

ChildrenOfGod-AngelReadingsByZARASomething I would like to emphasize is that everyone is a child of God, and everyone is important to God. Someone being an Incarnated Angel is not indicative of their being more important to God than are other people. All people are very important to God, and Incarnated Angels are actually here for the express purpose of helping God by being a good example for, and being helpful to the humans that God created.

To me, the main reason it is helpful to know if you are an Incarnated Angel is because, you can then understand yourself better, and you can find and get into your true purpose for being here on Earth more easily.

It is helpful to know that Incarnated Angels have several characteristics that are different from many regular humans, and going through life as an Incarnated Angel can be confusing if you do not know why you feel very different from most other people.

As I have stated in previous articles, besides being very intelligent and intuitive, Incarnated Angels…

  • Are very sensitive, and try really hard not to hurt anyone else’s feelings.
  • They believe in Truth, and endeavor to speak Truth consistently.
  • They recoil at bad behavior in others, and try really hard not to join in.
  • They are very spiritual more than religious. They feel a very strong connection with God, and when they hear things that are not true spoken by religious “authorities”, they see through it, and are not taken in. The reason for this is because they know God. So when they hear the name of God being misrepresented by others, they feel it inside and are repelled. They want the Truth, and intuitively recognize Truth when they hear it spoken.
  • They often pursue their spiritual practices independently and in private. They don’t need others to know about their spiritual practices because they truly care about their relationship with God, and they’re not trying to impress anyone else.
  • Incarnated Angels often do not feel that they fit in with others. They may get along with others just fine, but they usually feel that they can’t really share who they really are and their deepest feelings, because they feel that others would reject them and mock then. (This is exactly the part that makes my work so valuable to them. It’s because they can share these things with me, and I understand and validate them).

Sharing the information that Angels can incarnate as humans

SharingAboutIncarnatedAngels-AngelReadingsByZARATo be clear, sharing the information that Angels can incarnate as humans, (Incarnated Angels), took a lot of bravery on my part.  I shared it in the first-ever article written on this subject in 1998, and the first time I ever shared it within private readings was in 1996.  Prior to this, there were no articles or books that existed on this topic. Therefore, it was truly a radical reveal, and took a great deal of bravery on my part to submit it to the magazine publisher who first published it. I did not know if I would receive attacks because of the ideas I introduced, or what would happen. The results, it turned out, have always been favorable. In fact, I immediately received dozens of phone calls and requests for private sessions, and, over the years, have been able to directly assist thousands of people through private sessions.

Since I was already a successful and popular Counselor, I did not need to reveal the truth about Incarnated Angels in order to get clients. I risked a great deal by revealing something that could make me sound too out there, but I trusted that the Angels were right, and I went ahead and got that first article about Incarnated Angels published.

Later, I could see why the Angels pushed me to write and publish the first article about the subject, because the Incarnated Angels that are living here on Earth needed the validation and the information that would help them navigate through life.

 Whether people who read my articles and blog want to work with me privately after they read my articles is totally up to them. Some people do, and some people just get help from the articles, write to me about it, and say something like, “Thank you for your work. What you wrote about Incarnated Angels makes a great deal of sense to me, and has helped me so much. Thank you for all that you do!”

Now I know why the Angels on high have guided me to reveal the information that some people are Incarnated Angels. It helps those who identify with being an Incarnated Angel feel happier and get through life more easily. I thank God, Jesus, and the Good Angels for guiding my work, and I’m very grateful that I am following their lead and doing my part.

If you think you may be an Incarnated Angel, or if any of the above relates to you and you would like the Angels’ and my guidance and help, go to my “Schedule Your Session” page, and contact me.

ZARAAngel.AngelReadingsByZARApngThrough Angel Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and the use of a pendulum, the Angels and I are here to help. We can help clear negativity from your past, help you answer some of your deepest life questions, and help you make the right choices that will bring you joy and happiness no matter what is going on around you.

We can help you discover if you are an Incarnated Angel, what your purpose is, how to accomplish your “angel work”, or receive guidance for a happier more meaningful life.

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