Angels in Human Form

Are You an Angel in Human Form?

AngelsinHumanForm-ZARAI have been working with Archangel Michael for several years now, and the messages I have received from him have been profoundly moving for thousands of people.  One of the most amazing facts that has come up again and again is that angels can incarnate as people.  This is especially interesting in terms of the clients that come to me because most of them actually are angels that have come to earth as humans. 

This concept flies in the face of traditional thought.  Many people have heard and really believe that angels never come down to earth in the human form, yet according to Archangel Michael angels not only incarnate as humans, they do so with purpose. 

Why  are incarnated angels needed?

From what I have learned through communicating with Archangel Michael, God needed angels to incarnate as humans so that they would be able to lead and guide others and be a good example for humanity. Many incarnate-angels have become famous, and have touched the lives of millions of people, and many other angels-incarnate have primarily touched their own families. 

Extremely diverse examples of famous people, present and past, that I believe are really angels-incarnate are Sarah McLaughlin, Martin Luther King, Albert Schweitzer, Mahatma Ghandi, Lao Tsu, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickenson, and many, many others.  The list could go on… 

Not-so-famous angels incarnate as humans may be people that you know.  This could mean your grandmother, your father, a teacher that inspired you, a loving and loyal friend, a neighbor, your husband or wife, your mother, or perhaps YOU.

What if you are an angel…

FindingLifesPurpose-ZARAYou may not realize that you are an angel even if you are. But if you are an angel, you are probably wondering how this could possibly be true even though you’re not perfect. The fact is, nobody is perfect, but if you are an angel, you do indeed have a purpose. Everyone has a purpose, but angels tend to feel their purpose very deeply. They know that they are here to do something, and that whatever that something is, it’s going to be good.

Look into your soul. Notice if you are feeling your purpose at this moment. Often, we feel our purpose, but we cannot define it. That is, we know we ar3e here for something important, but we do not know exactly what that something is. When you do know, it is wonderful…

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