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 Do Angels Interact With and Help People?

InteractWithAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAAngels are beautiful Beings created by God, and some of them are assigned by God to serve humanity. Although people do not normally see or hear them, the Angels do interact and help in our lives more than we could possibly know.

The wonderful truth is that Angels are real and that they do interact with people. The best way to discover their presence is to talk to them and then pay attention to their response. Either they will respond with a comforting thought in your mind, through a dream in which they make their presence known, or through helping you in times of need.

Interacting with Angels in my life…

As I think back through my life, I can remember times when I suddenly became aware of Angels’  presence. These moments  always took place when I was going through something difficult or profound.

LovingAngel-ZARApngExamples of this were when, as a child, I was having a hard time with the other children in school, and while feeling sad and alone, became aware that there were Angels around me. The glorious Angels encouraged me to believe in myself, and that all was well. They wanted me to understand that while children can be marginalizing and mean, in fact, I was destined to have a blessed life and would always be watched over by Angels.

Another time I became aware of Angels’ presence was when my grandmother passed away. I was with my mother and aunt in the hospital when the doctor came into the visiting room to give us the sad news. Very soon after, I suddenly beheld Angels all around me. I was only nine years old at the time, and while being stunned by this experience, was also comforted beyond belief. The knowledge that Grandma was being loved and taken care of by Angels soothed my soul, and made it easier for me to persevere.

Testimonies of Angels

Often during the Angel Readings I do, clients share their own experiences of Angels in their lives, and I hear their testimonies of Angels appearing before them during crises in their lives – especially moments when they feel confused and need direction. Their reports vary in many ways, and yet the similarity of their stories strikes me more than the variances of their accounts. Sometimes people see a vision of an Angel when they least expect it, and as a result, feel encouraged and reassured. Sometimes without seeing an Angel, they audibly hear a message about which direction to take in an endeavor, or even which direction to drive in when they are literally trying to find a destination they have not visited before.

Many experiences clients share concerning their direct experiences of Angels include miracles that helped them survive. During times of danger, when people call on good Angels, incredible help is often forthcoming.

One woman, I’ll call Jane, told me of a time when she was being pursued in the lower level of a parking garage.

HelpFromAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAAfter leaving the mall where she was shopping, and going towards her car to drive home, Jane saw a dangerous-looking character threateningly approaching her with obviously evil intentions. No one else was visibly present, and as she realized she was in grave peril, she rushed to her car, unlocked the car door, and managed to get inside before the menacing stalker could reach her.  

As she speedily backed her car out and hurriedly drove away, she discovered, much to her horror,  that the first man she saw was not the only one chasing her. As in a suspense movie, she was being pursued by another evil looking character in a van. The van-driver yelled vulgar, threatening language, and was hotly on her tail.  The man she had originally seen was now in his car, and was menacingly pursuing her. This meant that two villainous strangers she had never seen before were chasing her, and certain moves they made told her they were looking for a way to block her from being able to exit the parking garage. She was horribly afraid that their intentions were to hurt, or even kill her.  

For whatever reason Jane could not fathom, these two evil characters were apparently targeting her, and the only thing Jane could think of to do was to continue driving and ask the Angels for help.  

Her prayer being uttered, she was astonished to see that her car was suddenly on a higher level than she’d been able to logically as yet reach, and the van and car had both disappeared from sight!  

As Jane exited the parking garage and turned onto the street, she thanked God and the Angels, and continued driving home.  

There was never a sign of the pursuers again, and the riddle of why they’d been chasing her in the first place was never solved. Yet she intuitively felt the real reason they had chased her was because she had light, and was close to God, and that the dark-side was trying to put out her light. Yet the good Angels, when called upon, speedily came through and protected her. Jane had experienced a true miracle, and afterwards, her belief and faith in Angels dramatically increased.


Of course, the Angels may not always respond as quickly as in the example above, but from my experience, they do respond. From the countless experiences I have heard from my clients over the years, the good Angels, when called on, can and will respond, and when you really need them, they will help.  

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