Angels From God

What is the Connection Between Angels and God?

AngelFromGod-AngelReadingsbyZARAIt’s important to think about angels….And when you do, remember to think about them as they truly are – divine and powerful emissaries from God.

Angels bring God’s will, his message, his comfort and his help to you if you allow them to.

But not only are they divine, wonderful beings, they are also accessible to you. This is because the angels do want to communicate with you – and the reason is something people hardly ever seem to think about. They want to communicate with you because they want to influence you.

You Can Remove Negative Energy…

Too many people are badly influenced by negative people and negative events in their lives, and are unable to shirk off the negative energy without help. So the angels are there to help. The angels want people to improve. They want them to get better and they are delighted whenever they are given the opportunity to exert their positive influence.

zarasangelreadings2Another reason angels like to help people is because many people have important missions that are important, but they never will accomplish their missions or even start until they are connected to the angels. The angels guide them whenever possible.

The Angels are here to help us. Only when we open ourselves to receive their messages can we fully receive their help and guidance.

What Changes Would You Like to Make?

Is your past holding you back from truly enjoying life? Do you wish you could change the direction your future seems to be heading?

Now, through Angel Readings with ZARA, your Angels can help you live the life you choose rather than the one your past seems to have chosen for you.

Having an Angel Readings with ZARA will help you understand the role the Angels can play in your life, it will help you understand your mission on this earth and help you get the answers to your questions.

Blessings,   ZARA ANGEL


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