Angels and Humans

What is the Relationship Between Angels and Humans?

AngelsandHumans-ZARADear Friends,

The belief in angels is very widespread, yet most people not only do not know the origin of the angels’ existence, they also do not know how the relationship between angels and humans became profound, so in the spirit of helping people understand what really may have happened, I’m sharing the following story.

As you read, keeping in mind that the human mind finds complex things easier to understand through stories, you will enjoy the simplicity and at the same time begin to understand what really happened ages ago…

In the beginning…

…there was only God.  That was all that existed. Then eventually God decided to create a play, a “cosmic game” or “lila” as it is called in the Hindu tradition. The first beings that God created were angels. Angels were God’s first creation. They were created to be VERY like God.

Angels - Angel Readings by ZARAAnd the Angels were created out of the only substance that was in existence, and that substance was God. So the Angels were created out of God.

They were very light–not created out of matter–but out of God. And in their lightness, they were ethereal and had shape but yet were shapeless. They could be very big, or small–even human size when they wanted to be. And the angels were magnificent, but they were not perfect, because nothing is perfect except God.

Eventually, earth came into being. Then, after humans were put on this earth, God let it be known that the humans were very special to God and were going to be given the possibility of immortality. This was alright with most of the angels, but unfortunately, some of the angels became jealous.

Those who were jealous were jealous because the angels were God’s first children, and as such, they thought that none of the angels should have to share their time and space with humans. In fact, the thought of humans becoming immortal incensed them so much, they worked to get other angels to agree with them.

They began pandering to other angels, complaining that there was no room in heaven for the likes of  humans, and they did what they could to create unrest and bad feelings among the angels.

Some of the angels were influenced and became corrupted by hate and joined with the rebel angels.

Some of the angels remained firm in the conviction that of course there was room in heaven for all who were brought there, and they trusted God to know what He/She was doing.

The War in Heaven

Fallen Angels are Demons - Angel Readings by ZARABut among the rebel angels the hate grew, and as you probably know already, one third of the angels fell from grace. This happened because they listened to the ones who sowed discontent, and afterwards the original and recruited rebel angels joined together to create instruments of war to fight against God and force God to change His/Her mind, so that the rebel angels could take over control of heaven and earth.

What followed next was a war in heaven – not in the highest realm, but in a lower level of heaven that came into existence as a side-effect of the rebel angels’ hate. Through their hatred they had created a lower place beneath the heavenly realm that had not existed before. This is where the war took place.

Two thirds of the angels did not side with the rebel angels. In fact, the falling of their brothers and sisters came as a shock. They never expected such a thing to happen and as they watched it happening, they couldn’t believe the arrogance of the negative angels.

The good angels knew that there was no reason whatever to be jealous of or get mad at the humans. At that time, humans were very good. In fact, they were innocent and pure. It wasn’t till later, through the horrible influence of the rebel angels that humans took up bad thinking patterns and practices, and that part of the story we will take up later…


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