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How To Do Your Angel Work

LightUpWorld-AngelReadingsbyZARAOur world needs a great deal of help, and each of us is capable of being a light and moving it in a more positive direction. The way you can help is to practice doing your Angel Work.

Angel Work is defined as any Incarnated Angel doing anything that is meant to serve God and help humanity.  That could mean anything from being good to family members and other people you know, standing up for what you believe in regarding ethics, goodness and kindness, not allowing yourself to be led by ego, but instead showing an attitude of kindness, gratitude and humility.

If you believe you are an Incarnated Angel/Earth Angel, chances are you are wondering what to do next. It’s well and good to know that you have a special reason for being here, but…

What is it you’re supposed to do?

I know this is an important question for many people who have recently awakened to being an Incarnated Angel, because, as the Angel Reader/Angel Advocate that I am, people are asking me about this all the time. Part of what I tell people when they ask me that question is that they’ve probably been doing their Angel Work all their lives.

It’s the simple things that mean the most…

KindessofAngels-AngelReadingsbyZARAWhen I use the term, “Angel Work”, what I mean is the things we Incarnated Angels do in order to fulfill what we came here to do.  This can range from simple things such as helping an elderly woman cross the street, or helping a neighbor mend his roof, to much more complex things such as being a mover and a shaker like Martin Luther King, Jr., and standing up against oppression on a national or world-wide scale.

When I do an Angel Reading/Counseling session with a new client, I like to show them the Angel Work they’ve already been doing. For instance, if they’ve been kind to their mother almost their whole lives, and/or if they have always been helpful to others, and/or if they almost always try to do their part to steer people from the negative to the positive, and make it a point to be a good influence on their family and others they know, they’ve already been doing their Angel Work. When I point this out to clients, they’re often surprised because they typically minimize their efforts in their minds. Especially if their attempts to positively influence have been thwarted by others’ non-cooperation, they incorrectly assume that what they’ve really accomplished is nothing at all.

The good news is that if you do your best to be a good influence on others, you get spiritual credit for doing your Angel Work. This concept is expressed through the saying…

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

In other words, if you lead the horse to water, but he doesn’t drink, then his choosing not to drink the water is on him karmically – not on you.  In fact, you accrue good karma for doing what you can to help the horse, and what he does with it is up to him.  At that point, you can just let go and rest assured that you already did your part. You successfully accomplished your Angel Work.

In fact the simple things you do in your Angel Work make more of a difference than you realize, and if you’re willing to give yourself credit for the good you achieved, then you can move on to do more of your Angel Work.

In Part 2 of this article, I will discuss more about things you can do in order to fulfill your purpose as an Incarnated Angel.

Schedule your private session with me, and we can work together to clear any issues you might have, and develop your plan to do the Angel Work you were sent here to do.

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