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The Difference Between Angel Soul Mates and Twin Flames


Over the past decades, innumerable clients have asked me about Soulmates.

Sometimes they’re looking for their Soulmate.

Sometimes they recently met someone who could be their Soulmate.

Sometimes they’re married to their Soulmate.

Usually, what they really mean is “Twin Flames“, but they’re using the term interchangeably with Soulmate.

The term Soulmate has a romantic connotation to many people…

I first learned about the concept of Soulmates in 1974 while reading a book concerning the famous psychic from the beginning of the 20th century, Edgar Cayce. The information said that Edgar Cayce’s marriage was harmonious and blissful – and this bliss was largely because Edgar and his wife were Soulmates. Reading this gave me pause.

Again, this is the first time I came across the term Soulmate, and the idea struck me. For me, the concept was kind of shocking and awe-inspiring at the same time. It affected me because I was married to someone who didn’t treat me well, and the thought of being happy with a man who truly loved and understood me was deeply alluring. Many years later, after going through a difficult divorce, I was fortunate enough to find my Soulmate and over the past 20 years, my Soulmate and I have been extremely happy.

But, is he a Twin Flame, or is he a Soulmate?  Probably both. It doesn’t matter. All I know for certain is that we’re tremendously happy, and both of us feel that we’re completely right for each other and are grateful that we found one another in our spiritual journey through life.

The very thought of finding one’s Soulmate has inspired thousands, and with good reason.  I feel that the reason people are looking for their Soulmates is because they want to find the right person who will love them and accept them unconditionally to go through their lives with.  Most people want to feel understood, and their Soulmate, by definition, understands them better than most.  

Understanding the Difference Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

As the term “Soulmate” is popularly used, it means your other half. In purely esoteric terms, your one and only other half is actually not called Soulmate, but rather, your “Twin Flame”. The term Soulmate, in correct esoteric terminology,  actually refers to several beings in your Soul Family. The idea that you have several people in your Soul Family may not seem as romantic as the Twin Flame concept, but when properly understood, it is truly wonderful.  In fact, I believe that my mom was one of my Soulmates, as well as some of my friends, some of my children and some of my grandchildren, and certainly, the love of my life.   

Ironically, it’s often easier to get along with one’s Soulmate than it is with one’s Twin Flame. The reason is that Twin Flames bring up more challenges on your spiritual path than Soulmates do. Soulmates tend to make you feel loved and accepted, whereas the Twin Flame relationship can be so intense and fiery that it is often critical, and is often uncomfortable.

What is the difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates?

The idea is that each soul in creation started out as a concept of God. God had to think of you before you were created. When you were created, you came out of the Godhead. At that time, you were completely whole, but then, in order to come down into denser creation, your perfect self had to split several times. The first split from the Godhead represents you and your Twin Flame. Each split thereafter represents your soul family, and everyone in your soul family is a Soulmate. Often, these souls incarnate in the same lifetimes and meet each other. They can be related, or just come across each other in various ways.

When people talk to me within Angel Readings about finding their perfect mate, they use the terms Soulmate and Twin Flames interchangeably, which is fine. In reality, though, there is a difference.  As a matter of fact, we sometimes get along better with our Soulmates than we do with our Twin Flames. This is because our Soulmates do not give us as much of a challenge as our Twin Flames do. Soulmates tend to be very understanding and supportive, whereas Twin Flames can be critical and demanding.


In the spiritual path, on the way back to the Godhead through meditation and right living, you cannot help but to come across both some of your Soulmates, and eventually, your Twin Flame. Sometimes, after meeting them, you may end up with your Twin Flame as a partner for life. Yet, oftentimes, you will meet this person, have an intense relationship with them, and then move on.  

As long as you do your best with consistent meditation and right action, this meeting is inevitable, and whether you stay with them or not is largely circumstantial, and is not necessary for your spiritual growth. It is, however, important to at least meet, come together, and learn from one another. You don’t need to wish for it or long for it. It will happen. All you need to do is to meditate and pray and live life as spiritually as you know how, and, as I said before, this meeting is inevitable.

Why Twin Flames may be challenging to each other…

The reason the Twin Flame can be challenging is due to the fact that one twin may be doing significantly better than the other, and as such, one may be critical of the other. Often, the one who is less evolved is the most critical. The other is usually more patient and understanding, and has a higher perspective.  


Another factor is that the twin flame relationship is so potent that it can be incredibly scary for one or the other of the twins. The incredible potency they experience when Twin Flames first meet brings these two individuals together with a bang.  They are extremely attracted to one another, and find just being in each other’s presence is unbelievably satisfying and powerful. 

Their relationship can start with a bang, as I said before, and is often so strong that the two people feel from the onset that their relationship will last forever. This romantic idea can be thwarted, however, as one of the two feels left behind by the other who is less afraid, and is more spiritually advanced.  Often, the one not as highly spiritually advanced will get cold feet, and will run for the hills!

When this happens, it is wise to let go, and realize that this one person is not your only opportunity for happiness. In fact, you have several Soulmates, and if you find one of these who is not related to you, and is appropriate, you can get into an incredibly happy relationship with that person.

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