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What You’ll Experience with ZARA’s Angel Readings

ZARAsAngelReadingsIn my last article I explained why my psychic readings are called Angel Readings. Today I would like to share what your experience with an Angel Reading by ZARA will be like…

My Angel Readings are very interactive, so you will definitely get the opportunity to talk about your background, etc., within the session. You may also send me a brief paragraph concerning things you want me to know before the session.

As the Angel Reading begins…

What the readings are like:

  • I start with a prayer.
  • Then I clear out negative entities so we’re just working with the highest and the best.
  • And then information starts coming through from the angels, especially Archangel Michael, about you on the deepest level of your soul.

Then it’s very interactive, and you’re able to tell me things…ask questions…and get answers, acknowledgment, guidance and insight from the angels that will help you to understand your life more, and help you get the direction you need.

In addition, the angels and I do “energetic clearing of negative programs” to help get rid of blocks to your happiness, etc.

The Readings do not need to be one-time shots, so as you see the benefit of the work we do, you are welcome to schedule your next appointment to continue the process.

Testimonials about ZARA’s Readings

ZARAsAngelReadings-AngelReadingsByZARAI have never met such a warm and loving person as Zara. She really cares about you and wants to help you to progress. I’ve been getting readings and clearings with her for 1 1/2 years now. She has helped me to gain perspective in all ways. It is so amazing how she always knows hot to help me, even before I ask for help. She cares about each and every person she comes into contact with and always stays in touch. She has become one of my best friends. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help.”
– Penny Green Truman

“Honest, sincere, professional The emotional and physical results are truly deep and permanent As a Spiritual Counsellor I can truly recommend Zara I have already commenced referrals to Zara I am proud to acknowledge Zara’s unique connection and resultant work with Angels I have absolute trust in the integrity and source of knowledge that Zara works from.”
– Barbara O’Neill

First hear about Zara when a bunch of my friends repeatedly mentioned a retail store named ‘zara’ which I’ve NEVER heard of before, this was the main reason that drew me into meeting Zara, which was in its way a wonderful miracle. The reading Zara gave put so much of sense and understanding in me, she knew exactly what I taught about things, making me so much more confident in what my goals and purpose are. I know what to do now. A much clearer direction. A TRUE angel. Thank you Zara! God bless.”
– Brandon Benjamin Mendes

“Zara was spot on in her readings with nothing to go by except my name and date of birth. I truly met an angel today. She is insightful and wise and has a way of putting you at ease. I look forward to more readings and the guidance she and the angels provide.” Thank you Zara!”
– Rowena

Zara has been the most positive, uplifting influence in my life. She gave me the spiritual guidance I had always been looking for and helped me to define my values. The spiritual wisdom that she has imparted upon me has given me a deep feeling of peace and happiness. Nearly every time I speak with her I get another gold nugget that helps me along my spiritual journey. She is a true angel, a blessing and a help to all who would pay heed to her loving and sage counsel.”
– Julie Hood

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