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What is the Difference Between Angel Readings and Angel Card Readings?

AngelCardReadings-ZARANow, there are many who offer Angel Readings, and since they’re independent from me, in order to understand what they do and how they differ, I looked into the topic and studied what they do.  What I’ve found is that they are doing Angel Card Readings, which is something I can do as well and have since added to my repertoire.

How Angel Card Readings are conducted…

An Angel Card Reading is conducted with the use of angel cards.  To do an Angel Card Reading the client is first asked to think of a question.  Then the cards get shuffled until it feels like it’s time to stop.  At that time, some cards get pulled from the deck and placed on the table.  The first card has to do with the past and is placed on the left.  The second card represents the present and is placed next to the first card, on the right hand side.  The third card represents the future and is placed to the right of both the other cards.

AngelCard-ZARAOften, the general meanings of the various cards are written on each card, each of which is discussed with the clients, beginning with the card for the past.  In talking about the past, we look at things that have already happened, lessons learned, whether it was positive, negative, and what the angels want you to know about it.  Then, we move to the next card which is about the present.  With this card, we look at how things are going now and how the angels want to guide you to understand what’s currently happening.  Then, we look at the future card, and in discussing the question the querent asked about, we help the client make choices about the future and gain greater insight into what the angels think they should do.

America’s Favorite Angel Reader!

“Wow! That about sums it up! Just WOW! 

Zara’s reading helped me to make a decision about a business opportunity that I was struggling with. She explained to me that opportunity was inspired and that I would be very successful at it. I immediately jumped in feet first. I am so glad that I did! It has changed my life!

Not only has she helped kickstart my career, she has opened my eyes to my family. I understand my daughters and husband so much more because of her readings. I have been given insight into their souls and that is priceless to me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Zara’s readings and I plan to continue speaking with her in the future. She is truly a godsend! Thank you Zara!!!”   –  Celeste, Sudan, Texas

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