Akashic Record Clearing

What is Recorded in the Akashic Records?

angelakashicrecords-zarapngOne of the things I do within my Psychic Angel Readings is to clear out negativity from the Akashic Records so my clients can have easier and happier lives. When new clients call to schedule a Reading with me, they sometimes ask me to describe what I do in my Readings and also what is meant by the Akashic Records. So in order to answer that question for more people, I’ve decided to write this article to explain what the Akashic Records are and why it is important to clear them from as much negativity as possible.

Then I clear out negative entities in order to ensure that we’re only working with the highest and the best.  This takes only a few minutes, and is a very important service that is included in all my psychic readings.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are records kept by angels concerning every detail of your life.  Almost no one realizes how closely the angels follow people all their lives.  But the fact is, the angels watch over each of us, and they keep track of every little thing that happens.  They keep track of your actions, your experiences and your thoughts.  Every detail is recorded.

How I learned about the Akashic Records

ReadingFromTheAngels-ZARAIn a lucid dream I had once, I read a page about myself from the Akashic Records.  In my dream, I was sitting on the floor of the living room with an extremely thick book and decided to open it. I opened it to a page somewhere in the middle and was completely astonished to find that the words I was reading were about me. I couldn’t believe that what I read about was myself, as a child, sitting in the backyard in the afternoon, sun watching little black ants. It was such a small event that had taken place when I was about eight years old, but it was still recorded! I realized this meant that every event in my life is recorded. And not only that, I also realized that every single event and thought that happens in mine or any one’s life can be interesting.

As I read on, I found myself re-experiencing a time when I was just a child, sitting on the warm cement in the back of my home, enjoying the peacefulness of the afternoon sun on pavement and watching a long line of little black ants crawl by. As I watched, I noticed they were carrying things that looked as big as they were. I noticed they seemed to know where they were going and what they were doing, and I was fascinated. I must have gone into a trance state at that time as I watched them, and I definitely had a very strong sense of well-being. I started realizing things that had nothing to do with the ants. Things like my mother loved me and I felt safe and protected at home.

As I sat there, I forgot the concept of time. Some of the ants were carrying incredibly heavy loads for their size and as I watched them, I wondered how they could possibly know what they were doing. “How could they know what they’re doing?” I thought. “And what are they really doing anyway?”

I noticed they were intense about their work and I wondered how that could possibly be. I felt that if I continued sitting there and just continued watching them, in time, I would figure it out, or at least I was trying to figure them out.

The fact that there are angels with us all the time,  keeping track of every detail in our lives, can help you begin to understand how important each and every one of your decisions really is. And when I say the angels keep track of every detail, I mean this literally.

In my next article I will continue the discussion about the Akashic Records and share some examples of experiences I have had.


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